Saturday, May 11, 2013

FEAST OF ICE, FIRE, & COSTUMES: Ice & Fire Recap, Part 6

Okay, so the costume contest came before the feast, but I couldn't resist when ti came to, err, "naming" this entry ;)

Admittedly I did miss about half of the costume contest because I was cleaning up from the Power Houses of Westeros gathering. I did, however, make it in time to catch the wonderful show put on by our "Best in Show" winner, Dom - a.k.a. Robert Baratheon - as well as to see the apprentice and master level contests for screen-accurate costumes based on the HBO series.

Sansa and Arya watching the costume contest

Renly showing off his...sword.

Costume contest viewers. Young GRRM is very interested ;)

Loras and Renly, winners of the Apprentice Costume division :)

Awesome Syrio and Arya!

And as soon as the costume contest was over, it was time for the Saturday night "feast" - which we'd dubbed "The Feast of Winterfell" :) Food included a roasted carrots and onions dish (SO good), baked potatoes *and* baked sweet potatoes, some awesome turkey legs (no seriously, I worked for Disney food and beverage and I know how AWFUL turkey legs can be), these little cheese-and-nut balls that were super tasty, crackers to spread those on, *giant* rolls, and the best thing ever - some sort of blue cheese/chicken/dried cranberry salad on a lettuce leave that was to die for. No really, I don't even know how to describe it, but I consumed at least half a dozen of those lettuce leaves with that salad on them.

And of course...more opportunities for pictures :)

The costume contest winners were announced during the feast as well. Unfortunately I don't have pictures of all of them, but they were:

Best Book Depiction: Elizabeth as Arianne Martell
Best Couple Costume: Kate & Tim as Dany & Jon Snow
Best Master Show!Costume: Carly as Sansa
Best Apprentice Show!Costume: Loras & Renly (seriously, we couldn't give it to just one of them - they were both amazing)

Next up was our second to last panel - Incest in Westeros - along with late night debauchery featuring Westerosi Karaoke, the Game of Thrones drinking board game, and an "unofficial" late-night get together at my cottage. So yes, there's still more to come! Stay tuned... Pin It

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