Friday, May 3, 2013


Back to last Friday!

While most of the convention attendees went to the Great Hall for their dinner, and a few decided to throw together some food in their cottages, the organizers and volunteers had a dinner meeting in Ravenwood's Silversmith Cottage...a.k.a. our Riverrun for the weekend!

Once dinner was over we had time to change into our Flea Bottom Fete outfits before the nighttime activities - which began with the first panel of the weekend, Bad Boys & Mean Girls. The panelists were myself, Ashley from A Podcast of Ice & Fire, and L.D. Strawser, an ASOIAF fan and self-published author from Ohio. This was probably one of the top two panels of the weekend (in my humble opinion...) if only because it included *soooooo* much talk about all those characters you love to hate...or hate to love? Cersei, Littlefinger, Sandor, and on and on and on.

(I was pleasantly surprised that no one really brought up Sansa...though I probably shouldn't be saying this and end up jinxing something...)

The panel lasted about an hour, but probably could and would have gone longer had I not wanted to get the Flea Bottom Fete started! We had several, uh, Ladies of the Night in attendance...

There was good conversation. There was good beer. There was...well, there was music. But above all that...

There was ASOIAF Cards against Humanity...a.k.a. Cards Against Westeros. Yes, you heard that right. One of our awesome attendees, Carly, took suggestions (a LOT of them) and made a pack of CAH cards that were Song of Ice & Fire/Game of Thrones themed.

And it was amazinggg. I will say one thing though...there were a lot of Tormund Giantsbane cards.

No really, a completely ridiculous percentage of the cards featured Tormund Giantsbane and/or a certain part of his, err, anatomy. They really were the best cards, though!

Loras Tyrell and Asha Greyjoy were in attendance (and I think that's Arya Stark beyond Asha...)

As were a young GRRM, Dany, and Jon Snow...

And of course when there's drinking involved, Robert Baratheon will be there.

And last - but *certainly* not least - Traveling Sandor. With, of course, the Drunk Sandor CAH card!

Eventually, though, the game had to end...and about the time it was over, the first round of the board game tournament was as well. Many people went to bed, knowing we had an early-ish morning and a lot of activities the next day...but several of us stayed up talking about the series (books, of course)...uuuuntil 2:30 in the morning. But how can you beat all of that?

Well, let's just say that the next day, we sure as hell tried....and I'll start getting into that in my next entry ;) Pin It

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