Friday, May 10, 2013

HEAR US GROWING STRONG: Ice & Fire Con Recap, Part 5

Ice & Fire Con had three separate themed gatherings that took place on Saturday - The North & Riverlands Gathering in the morning, the Targaryen & People of Essos Gathering in the early afternoon, and of course the Power Houses of Westeros Gathering in the early evening. The latter was the one that I hosted (I unfortunately missed the other two, being engaged elsewhere at those times) and focused on the Lannisters, Tyrells, Baratheons, and Martells, of course ;)

(had to include a random picture of all your favorite Queens... :) )

The gatherings were basically slots of time that we set aside for people in costume to gather and take photos, or for those who simply wanted to hang out and talk about their favorite houses...all while eating snacks and drinking themed wines, beers, etc.

Renly is the perfect salesman for Son of a Peach beer...

As you can probably imagine, the Cerseis (Cersi?) and Margaerys (I don't even know what the plural of that would be) were plentiful at this gathering ;) We even had a Melisandre at one point!

Whyever did this marriage not's really beyond me...

I just think this picture is kind of amusing ;)

So many Cerseis! Robert is not a happy camper.

 ...even Sansa was invited, at the behest of Ladies Olenna and Margaery (come on, we couldn't not "reenact" this scene for pictures)...

Ashley and I - in our Cersei costumes, of course - had to give some love to [Traveling] Sandor, because UM SANDOR CLEGANE IS THE BEST CHARACTER PRETTY MUCH EVER.

Buuuut then Jaime dropped by and I had to give him all of my attention ;)

Honestly, this gathering could have lasted muuuuch longer than an hour...we were all having a great time hanging out, enjoying some drinks, and just chatting about the series (as you can tell, we did a whooooole lot of that all weekend). But next up was the costume contest, and the time for that - six-o-clock - almost came and went without us noticing! Thankfully someone had a watch and noted that we had to head over to Ravenwood's back patio or risk missing it. There were so many great costumes that needed to be shown off, and as you can imagine that made the contest very highly anticipated...and there's more to come on that in the next part of my recap :)
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