Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday Confessions: Holiday weekend edition...

I confess...that this weekend proved to me how old I'm really getting. In bed by midnight every night, up and at 'em by 9 every morning...not because I had to be, but simply because those are "normal" hours for me these days (on weekends, I mean).

I confess...yet again I'm returning from a vacation during which I had basically no cell phone service, and spotty-at-best internet, and yet that made it all the more fun and meant that people weren't constantly checking their phones/texting/hanging on Facebook ;)

I confess...that we almost never eat stuff like burgers and brats except for during parties and vacations like the one we took this weekend, but now I'm just craving both those types of food. (Probably doesn't help that I haven't eaten since breakfast at 9 AM and I'm starving, but hey, whatever...)

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