Friday, May 31, 2013

MonsterCon in Greenville, SC...just two months away!

So several months ago I heard that there was going to be a convention called MonsterCon right here in Greenville, South Carolina. I checked out the website and figured, hey, if anything, it's being held just a few miles from my house, so why wouldn't I go?

Then it came to light that they were looking for someone to help run some Song of Ice & Fire/Game of Thrones programming...and, well, of course I wanted to step up to the plate ;)

Fast forward to now, of course - MonsterCon is taking place July 26-28 at the Hilton Greenville, so there's just under two months to go! I'm definitely excited to meet some of the other locals (or local-ish people...) who will be attending MonsterCon. I'd love to find some other people who live in the area and are interested in conventions, costumes, and generally geeky things like ASOIAF/GoT, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, etc!

Of course there will be panels...and at this time I'll actually be on four of them :) Friday evening I'm handling a Battlestar Galactica panel, and then Saturday we'll have both Song of Ice & Fire books and a Game of Thrones show panels...not to mention a Star Wars panel!

There will be plenty of other activities as well - a costume contest, a sideshow performance, and a few live bands. MonsterCon promises to be a more intimate experience than the other multi-genre cons that I've attended (namely Dragon*Con and MegaCon) and I'm definitely excited to see how it plays out :) Tickets are just $45 per person, so to purchase them or for more information please visit the official MonsterCon website.

Hope to see you there! Pin It

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