Thursday, May 2, 2013

OURS IS THE KEGGER: Ice & Fire Con Recap, Part 2

Ice & Fire Con registration officially began at 3 PM on Friday April 26th. At first everything was going smoothly and quickly, but wow did we have a rush of check-ins between about 3:30 and 4! Thankfully it wasn't too time consuming, as we were able to split people between checking in to their rooms and registering for the con :) I took a quick break from the registration hustle and bustle to enjoy a drink in a red solo cup, because of course that's the classy type of thing that Cersei would do...

...and once I'd finished my drink, it was time to check on registration again...and make my mock election poster! I'd recruited several more people to participate, because even though we had plenty of serious candidates, I personally wanted some really funny ones. My own choice (and Traveling Sandor's, too!)...

(please ignore the nose ring that I forgot to take out...and the fact that my necklace is backward)


(My only regret about that poster is that I forgot - and how in seven hells could I forget this? - to put that one should vote for Hot Pie because he looks like hot pie!

After making my poster, it was time for the meet and greet out on Ravenwood's patio! This was basically just some time for people to hang out, introduce themselves, and have a couple of drinks.

(P.S. Sandor met Ghost and they loved each other.)

There was of course some time for photoshoots as well, before one of the bigger/more important events of the weekend (in my opinion)...the beer tasting!

But not just any beer...

I was the one running that tasting (as in, describing the beers and whatnot). This was the only event that we had all weekend that was an additional cost to the tickets, but for $15 per person everyone got three 4 oz tastings - one each of Ommegang's Witte, Rare Vos, and Iron Throne Blonde Ale :D And at the end...everyone got a full, sealed bottle of the Iron Throne Blonde Ale! It was definitely one of the best activities of the weekend, if I do say so myself ;) And we sold almost every single ticket we had available, of course...

Once the beer tasting was over, it was time for dinner. The organizers and volunteers headed to the Silversmith Cottage, while most of the guests had dinner included with their tickets and made their way to the Great Hall. But the night wasn't over yet, so stay tuned for more to come! And phew...we're only on Friday! ;) Pin It

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