Tuesday, May 14, 2013


We began our final night's activities with, as previously mentioned, the "Incest in Westeros" panel...which of course meant a lot of talk about Targaryens, twincest, and the Baratheon err, Lannister children ;) Somehow, though, the panel devolved evolved into discussing Jaime and Daenerys ending up in a relationship...and thus, a new ship was born - DAIME!

(I mean honestly, I'm not sure there are many ships [between two characters who are both still alive] in ASOIAF that is more ridiculous and yet have more potential than Jaime x Dany...amiright?)

When the Incest panel was over, though, it was time...for Westerosi karaoke! We had a great mix of attendees jumping back and forth between this and the Game of Thrones drinking board game in the room next door, while upstairs the final round of the gaming tournament was being played by a few brave souls...

The silent auction was wrapped up during karaoke as well, so soon enough it was time for the lucky winners to collect their new Song of Ice & Fire/Game of Thrones-themed items! I'd bid on a couple of things but never did have time to go back and check on them, so I personally didn't win any items...though honestly, my wallet certainly thanked me for that ;) And I was lucky enough to receive a gift from my friends Ren & Ascher (a.k.a. Loras and Renly)...

And the prize item - a beautifully sculpted Drogon - went to Dany, one member of our "burning of Daeneri" and in general a huge Daenerys/dragon lover, so that was perfect :)

There was a lot of Robert and Lyanna love going on at karaoke, and Cersei was not too keen on that...

Eventually we had to shut down karaoke (sad :( ) in order to give those staying in the castle some [very, at this point] late night quiet. Plenty of people came to hang out at my cottage, though, for more beers and, of course, chatting about the ASOIAF series and...fandom ;) One attendee (who shall remain unnamed) even gave us a rousing spoken fanfic rendition of the erotic life of Podric Payne, entitled Payne is Pleasure, at around 3 AM ;)

Alas, however, bedtime was nigh, especially as many of us had hours and hours to drive the next day. I made sure to stay up until the last of the attendees staying on the main grounds had wandered off to bed, and Marty stayed up with me. We chatted about how amazing the weekend bed, but when we realized that it was nearly 5 AM, well...off to bed we finally went.

Stay tuned for the final installment of my Ice & Fire Con recap, though - including a quite harrowing drive home! Pin It

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