Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Funday: The Memorial Day/Steve's Birthday Weekend Edition

We rarely travel this close to Steve's birthday, because it's May 28th and let's not's a pain in the butt and/or expensive to travel over Memorial Day.

But this year I surprised him with a trip to Lake Lure for the weekend :) We got a bunch of friends together to make it affordable, we were able to bring the dogs, and here we are having a Sunday Funday!

 This particular Sunday Funday involves beautiful weather, a lake (of course), paddleboarding, swimming, and many, many Bloody Mary's ;)

I got really lucky, because even though I decided to book this vacation kind of "late" (for a holiday weekend, I mean), I was able to rent an amazing lakefront house that sleeps up to eight people.

And now we're off to round out the day with some of Steve's infamous beer can chicken! I have lots of awesome stories from this amazing weekend, and I'm sure I'll post about them soon.......

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