Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Writer's Block Wednesday: Link & Video Share :)

It's a bit of a busy week for me - coming back from a long weekend away (which was amazing...) and going into a weekend of work (day job today, tomorrow, Friday; band stuff Thursday, Friday, Saturday...sigh). Therefore, this is just a quick entry about some fun stuff that I've discovered the past few days :)

First - Winter Is Coming posted this article about the Importance of Dorne, and I just love it. So many ASOIAF fans think that Dorne is pointless and that the Martells are boring...of course I personally beg to differ, and this article is just a fun editorial including interviews from other fans who love Dorne :)

Next up, local brewery Thomas Creek shared an article they found about which six beers best represent South Carolina. Now, I love beer...and I love this this one was a must-read for me :) In regards to the six beers that they named...well, personally I think that they should have chosen a different Thomas Creek beer for the list - River Falls Red is okay but definitely not in any way, shape, or form the best of TC's brews. However...YAY for them including RJ Rocker's Son of a Peach! (Though I'm on an RJ Rocker's Impeachment kick lately...) Also, yes, the Pluff Mud Porter from Holy City is AMAZING!

And now, a couple of videos! I found this one on Tumblr, and though it doesn't use my preferred version of "Safety Dance", it is pretty darn awesome as mashups go...

...last but not least, this video is actually of me ;) It was taken about a week and a half ago on one of my nights singing with The Brats down in Anderson, South Carolina. I've been performing with them since late February of this year and I'm *finally* starting to really get into the groove of things with them. Sooo...I hope you enjoy listening to me cover Sugarland's "Just Might Make Me Believe" :)

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