Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Writer's Block Wednesday: Another link & video share!

Hmm, I may have to make this link and video share post a weekly thing...though I may move it to a day other than Wednesday! I almost always find tons of interesting articles and whatnot throughout the course of a week, and while I want this blog to remain my own personal space, I think it would be cool to share the things that catch my eye and/or inspire me, no? :)

First things first, I think it's obvious - if you've ever read any of my Song of Ice & Fire/Game of Thrones posts - that I'm a *bit* of a book purist when it comes to that series. This season it was definitely easier for me to separate the show from the book, but to be perfectly honest there were still a lot of things that I wasn't happy with. I am, as the following article discusses, a nitpicker.

That said, I'm not including this article because I agree with the title of it, that's for sure. To be honest, the article itself isn't absolutely amazing (I still don't get what the title has to do with the content other than a supremely vague connection)...but! It's on Esquire magazine's blog, and it mentions my buddies at Podcast of Ice & Fire!

(Okay, to be fair, I can probably only call Amin & Ashley buddies, but whatever - they're pretty damn awesome, the podcast itself is great, and I'm psyched that they garnered a mention in a major magazine's blog!)

by Thomas Fichtenmayer for

Second things second, as I've participated in a couple of podcasts with the ESO Network in recent months, I've also made connections with several of the people who are involved in the network. One of them, "The Award Winning Bobby Nash", recently wrote a blog entry about his writing journey. He has done a lot of comic book work, as well as publishing several novels, and the story that he posted was really thoughtful, helpful, and inspiring. He's been in the game for quite a long time (for all intents and purposes, since 1992), so I can't imagine it would hurt to check out his tale, if you're interested in getting (or at least trying to get) published...

by Bobby Nash for

Aaand last but not least...a personal video for ya ;)

Well, sort of personal. The "sort of" stemming from the fact that it's actually a highlights reel from the two+ hours of footage that I've gathered from those who recorded events at Ice & Fire con back in April.

Now, before viewing the following video, please keep the following in mind:
1) It's entirely set to music.
2) *Some of that music is NSFW* (or the ears of innocent little children)
3) The song choices were not in any way intended to offend; these are my personal choices based on past fan parody videos and just general ridiculousness. They do not reflect the views of Ice & Fire Con and I also don't claim that they reflect the views, opinions, or music preferences of the other organizers.
All that ya go, and hopefully you'll enjoy ;)
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