Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Writer's Block Wednesday: I [almost] have no words.

I had an entirely different writer's block Wednesday subject that I was working on earlier, and then...this popped up on my Facebook dash.

Now, I prefer original Harley Quinn as much as the next person, but it boggles my mind that this picture/meme thing even exists. First, there are plenty of female comic book character outfits out there that are just as (if not more) revealing than this new Harley getup - be it from ten years ago, twenty years ago, or beyond.

The wording could have been different here; it could have said something more along the lines of "remember when Harley Quinn wasn't treated as a mere sex object?" That, at least, would have been better than the blatant slut-shaming.

There's so much more that I'd like to say in regards to this meme. What it means for costuming and cosplayers - or maybe rather, what it implies about those who want to wear a Harley costume, regardless which one of the two that person wants to wear. About how Harley was already a character with pretty major issues (it is implied that she "slept her way through passing college", and she is clearly eager to be manipulated by the Joker because of her feelings for him) and that putting her in a skimpier outfit doesn't just suddenly make her into a sex object in and of itself.

It's 2013, people. Get your heads out of your asses. Pin It


  1. Remember when Harley was a badass villain, and most likely couldn't give two fucks about labels like "slut" hell, wasn't there a part in that old batman series from the 90s where she's in a nighty or some shit, and comes out and asks the joker something along the lines of "Come on puddin' don't you want to rev your harley" DC has never really been against skimpy outfits on girls! So yeah, agree no clue why this meme even exists, but the creator needs to take it in the other direction! "Hey guys, remember when comic books only had partial nudity? Ahh those were dark times." :P

  2. odd that they picked a G-rated cartoon for that comparison. what were they expecting