Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Cannon Canvas Comics and Ubermenschen

Recently I learned that right here in good ol' Greenville, there's an indie comic community that is working to promote upstate South Carolina artists and writers, and even offering a growing fanbase to those artists and writers for when they release their own graphic novels.

This community is called Cannon Canvas Comics, and it was co-founded by Kevin McVicker and Jon Riggins. Kevin and Jon met through a mutual friend, the lead singer of the band The Fire Tonight, and are actually paying homage to that band with the name Cannon Canvas, which comes from The Fire Tonight's song by the same name :)

So if you're in the upstate area and enjoy supporting local artists, I highly suggest checking out the Cannon Canvas Facebook page and keeping up with them! They've got some great stuff happening right now - including the release of their first comic, Ubermenschen...which I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to preview.

Now, I'll begin this brief review by saying that Ubermenschen is not for the faint of heart. Kevin McVicker, who does the writing for this comic, told me that "The...concept of the series is not to change history, [but to] throw superhumans in[to] the events that happened...I wanted to...see if I could somehow make the most despised villains of the last 100 years empathetic."

So are you intrigued yet? I hope so! Because the basic premise of Ubermenschen is that the Nazis had a brigade of X-Men-type "superheroes" ( quotes because they're, you know, Nazis). That right there says it all - this comic is destined to push buttons, and the very first issue - which is debuting this week - does exactly that.

The Ubermenschen story begins with a man named Christian, and this issue shows him as he begins to bring these super-powered men together. Now, rating a single issue of a comic, especially the first issue of a brand new comic, is kind of impossible - but I can say this: I was absolutely intrigued. Issue #1 is set up to draw people in, and it does exactly that - I was absolutely left wanting to read and know more. And good thing, too, because they have at least 20 issues planned, issues that will follow the Ubermenschen throughout World War II - from the September Campaign to the London Blitz to Russia's advancement into Berlin.

As for the art - well, I can only say that I was impressed. Too often I come across comics ( ::cough:: Walking Dead ::cough:: ) where you can't tell the characters apart. It's not that the art in those comics is *bad*, per se, but it feels...rushed, not filled in, almost...well, to be honest, almost lazy. I didn't get that feeling with Ubermenschen and I've got my fingers crossed that they keep up the hard work in this department as clearly the artist, Jon Riggins, is incredibly talented.

So all that said, where can you find Ubermenschen? Well, several places, in fact! First things first, if you're in the upstate South Carolina area I highly encourage you to go to one of the following events:

Pre-Release & Signing
TODAY, Wednesday July 24th, beginning at 2:30 PM
at Borderlands Comics on Laurens Road in Greenville

Official Release (& Signings, of course!)
Beginning THIS FRIDAY, July 26th at MonsterCon
(this convention is being held in Timmons Arena at Furman University, and the guys from Cannon Canvas will be there with an artist's table all weekend)

I don't think I need to impress upon...well, anyone...the importance of supporting indie/local artists - especially quality ones who are also trying to give back to their community. So...what are you waiting for? ;) Pin It

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