Thursday, July 18, 2013

Home Renovations 104: In which we actually DO something!

When we moved into our house in late 2009, Steve and I knew that it would be a work in progress.

Unfortunately, we didn't know how bad things really were.

I'm not going to get into that story, because it involves a lot of shady people - the seller himself, the real estate agents (both ours and the seller's), the contractors (yes, plural), the inspectors (again, yes, plural). Needless to say, we did everything we could to cover our asses, and we still got screwed. And while this wasn't my first time buying a house, it *was* my first time buying a - for lack of a better word - used house. (And it's not a gently used one, either.)

Slowly but surely, things started going wrong. We finally - just recently - found a contractor to come in and fix those things. Seriously, any time we had a contractor out to our house before the one we recently found, he would come out, fix the extremely minor thing that needed to be fixed immediately, and then disappear and never return our calls in regards to future fixes. This new contractor promised not to disappear, because we told him up front that such a thing had happened to us several times before.

And he made a few suggestions. And we fell in love with most of said suggestions. Here's a three-minute mini-tour of our home in which I show/explain what we're changing...

And finally, finally, he started working on things this week! I went to work on Tuesday and our house was the same as it had been for the past three years and eight months (well, minus the fact that we'd emptied two entire rooms of furniture in preparation for these renovations)...I came home to this:

Standing just inside our front door (well, and sort of to the left of it), looking toward the back of our house.

Standing basically against the back wall of our house, looking toward the front of it/the road.

Unfotunately...opening up these areas led  to some not-so-great discoveries :-/ But more about those later, because for now I just want to bask in the glory of the giant awesome open room running down the center of our house. Because it's bigger than my first apartment. Because opening it up has already shown us how much more light there can be in our house. And because admittedly, we were simply ready for a change.
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  1. wow! What a big difference! btw, I thought the first pic was photoshopped because of the lighting and the half posts hanging from the ceiling looked like they were floating. When I saw the second picture it made a lot more sense, lol!

    With all the extra floor space, I think you're right about a bar at the edge of the kitchen. That would be a nice modern touch!