Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ice & Fire Con 2014!

So I feel kind of bad, because I haven't written about Ice & Fire Con lately!

The reasons behind this are good, I promise :) The big one is that we are holding it at Ravenwood again next year, which unfortunately limits our ticket availability. A lot. But Jim and the staff at Ravenwood were just so amazing this year, and it's such a perfect setting, that we really couldn't NOT hold it there next year.

And I honestly can't express how I feel about our 2013 attendees and how amazing and loyal they are. We had about 60 people at Ice & Fire Con this year, and of course sold out all of Ravenwood's accommodations (and had a few people staying off-property as well). As a thank you to those who supported us in our first year, when most of them knew nothing about Matt, Valerie, or myself as people and had only vague ideas about what would happen during the con, we gave them first right or refusal to tickets.

Tickets go on sale to the public August 1st - and we have already sold 47 of the available 80 tickets.

Ashley and Amin from Podcast of Ice & Fire will be attending again next year, as will Alex from Tower of the Hand. We've also got a slough of amazing volunteers to whom we can delegate certain tasks, which will hopefully leave a bit more free time for us organizers at the con next year.

What is one of maybe three or four pictures of Matt and I at Ice & Fire Con this year. And there are about the same number of pictures in which either of us is sitting down and [sort of] relaxing.

We'll be doing some things differently - roundtable style discussions instead of full-on panels (because the con is small enough to allow more input from attendees during the "panel" times), no 'tiered' tickets (which will make things easier on us, yes, but will also make registration a much faster process), and moving the gaming tournament to a daytime slot so that it doesn't conflict with the panels and other activities that occur at night (karaoke, Cards Against Westeros, the Game of Thrones drinking board game).

...but of course some of the favorites will remain about the same :) The tournament, for one, which - to my surprise, honestly - was a huge hit. The mock election (yes, we know that they don't hold elections in Westeros - that's why this is a MOCK election, and it's hilarious). And of course the general laid-back feel of the con, which should probably be referred to as a "retreat" or something of the sort, as attendees are literally immersed in the series for approximately 48 hours straight ;)

There is actually an official Facebook PAGE now for people to "like", and we also have a tumblr, a twitter, and a news page on our website that all contain updates on available tickets and accommodations, and will include other information on the con events and scheduling as May 2014 approaches (all too slowly, in my opinion).

(Screenshot of our countdown taken at 2:28 AM, Sunday July 28th, 2013)

Oh, and speaking of our website! It is new and HIGHLY improved! Check it out and feel free to contact us via email (iceandfirecon AT gmail DOT com) to let us know what you think, or if you have any suggestions :)

So that's about it for Ice & Fire Con updates. I'm sure I'll post some sporadic ones here on my blog throughout the next 9 months or so, but generally the most up-to-date information can now be found on the sites/pages that I listed above. Because we're all professional like that nowadays ;) And I do hope that we get some new attendees for 2014 and can continue to grow and make things better...all I know is that I feel so blessed to be a part of this event - to be a part of organizing it - and to have met so many awesome people who I can't wait to see again next year! Pin It

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