Sunday, July 14, 2013

Rain, rain, go away...

Okay, that's it, I have to say it: I'm really, really tired of the rain we've been getting here in upstate South Carolina. Seriously - it has rained at some point in a 24 hour period every single day since June 5th. June 5th! The last summer I experienced something like this was in 2009 when I lived in Connecticut, and it rained pretty much every day from Memorial Day weekend until just after the 4th of July.

The thing is, it has really only been becoming problematic within the past week. We're supposed to start some renovations on our house, but the contractor is stuck working on another job because of the rain.

And meanwhile, the trench that runs through the middle of our yard (and under our house) - which we not-so-fondly call our "moat" - has been looking more than a little crazy...

Excuse the fact that our lawn looks hideously overgrown...that is of course another unfortunate side effect of this rain :-/

And of course it's hard to make plans when you have to assume that it's going to rain. I've lost count of the number of baseball games that have been canceled or that we've had to leave early, this summer...and just the other night we thought the Black Keys concert that we had tickets for was sure to end up canceled. It wasn't, and the Black Keys were great, but woooow did it suck trudging through those parking lots and the lawn of Charter Amphitheatre in Simpsonville! I stepped in what seemed like a hundred puddles that were all several inches deep.

The concert was shortened a bit as well, but I at least got to hear a lot of my favorite Black Keys songs...

So sure, there have been some good moments despite the rain...and I just keep telling myself that it has to stop sometime. If it doesn't, well, perhaps we can just tear our house down and use the scraps to build an ark ;) Pin It

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