Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Travel Tuesday: Visited States, Part 3

Picking back up with my visited states list - this week it's the I's, the K's, and the L's :)

11) Idaho: In January 2012, for my first ski trip out west in just over 9 years, Steve and I went to Sun Valley. It was the first big ski trip we took together, and even though there was like *no* snow out there that winter, we had an amazing time :)

Skiing Baldy at Sun Valley in January 2012

12) Illinois: I've been lucky enough to visit Chicago three times now. On my first trip up there, in April 2010, Steve and I stayed with friends out in Aurora and also visited Naperville, so we've sen the 'burbs too.

Cold Cold Cold at a mid-April Cubs game in 2010

13) Indiana:The Ex and I were looking for a cheap Labor Day weekend getaway back in 2006, and ended up in Louisville, Kentucky. The Caesar's casino in Indiana was only about 30 minutes away, so we drove up into Indiana and spent a day there as well.

Caesar's Indiana, Labor Day weekend 2006

14) Kentucky: See above! Haha. Seriously though, for that particular trip it turned out that Louisville was driving distance from our home in Virginia, and we also found a hotel downtown for about $60 a night. Driving across Kentucky was awesome - it truly is a beautiful state - and I loved Louisville. I'd go back for another visit in a second!

Enjoying an official Churchill Downs Mint Julep in Louisville, Labor Day weekend 2006
15) Louisiana: Well, to be honest the only part of Louisiana I've seen is New Orleans ;) Even driving down there, we only drive through a very small portion of the state before reaching that city. Our first trip to NOLA was in February 2010, and we returned last year for Halloween. I absolutely love the city and it's the only place other than Greenville or Charleston (SC) that I would move to in a heartbeat.

February 2010: NOLA Police Force...keeping Bourbon Street in line WHILE watching the Superbowl. Talk about multi-tasking!

Told you that I had a lot of states for this list :) Just about halfway through the alphabet now, though, and I'm sure I'll be back with more next Tuesday! Pin It

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