Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Travel Tuesday: Visited States, Part 5

This week's visited states update is dedicated to the "N's"! :)

21) Nevada: My first trip here was in the fall of 2007, when I went to Vegas with a group of people for a friend's birthday. I've now been to Vegas nine times in all...needless to say, I love it there! On past trips to Vegas I've also visited the Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon.

Trip to Vegas for my baby sister's 21st birthday in 2008. Still the best Vegas trip EVER.

22) New Hampshire: I honestly can't really remember the exact year I first visited this state. I think it was the summer after 4th (or maybe 5th) grade, whatever year I first went to church camp in Monadnock, NH. I've also been to Portsmouth, and visited Lake Mascoma several times.

July 2001 trip to Lake Mascoma, NH...still the best NH trip ever ;)

23) New Jersey: I've driven through here a lot, mostly on my way from Connecticut to Florida and back, but I've also visited friends who lived here, including spending a weekend at Montclair University with a friend who attended there.

I literally do not have a single picture of any one of my trips to Jersey. To be honest, while this surprised me at first, I quickly realized that there are several [good] reasons for it. ;)

24) New York: My aunt lived in upstate New York when I was really young, so I've been all over this state - visiting her in Norwich and going to the Catskills with my family, then later visiting friends in Long Island and of course several day trips (and a couple of actual mini-vacations) to New York City.

Mini vacay to NYC in March 2005...to see Wicked, of course!

25) North Carolina: Yet another state that I drove through many many times before ever truly "visiting" it. I went to a wedding in Greensboro in 2002, and that was the first time I actually stopped/stayed somewhere in NC. Since then, though, I've been to the shore a couple of times, including a random last-minute trip to Atlantic Beach just last summer.

First "actual visit" to North Carolina - my friend's wedding in Greensboro, September 2002!

Just so I can finish my visited states posts in a timely manner, I've got two more weeks' worth of this for you - but with additional states tacked on ;) Stay tuned! Pin It

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