Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Travel Tuesday: Visited States, Part 6

Well, I'm finally getting down to the wire with this "Visited States" list :) This week and next week will both feature six states so that I can go ahead and get this wrapped up, and today we have...

26) Ohio: I visited Columbus (and therefore Ohio) for the first time back in 2011 - my job sent me to a training session at the DFAS center. And of course I returned to Ohio just a couple of months ago for Ice & Fire Con!

27) Oklahoma: Waaaay back in 2002 I visited Oklahoma City and Norman for spring break. Yes, I know, what a weird spring break...but hey, I had a friend from the WDWCP who lived there, so I met up with him and another mutual guy friend and had a good few days hanging out with them.

28) Pennsylvania: Although I can't remember exactly when I first visited PA, my parents took my sisters and I to Lancaster County several times when I was young, and I had to go to a wedding in York (ugh) once. What's really crazy, though, is that I've actually never been to Philly *or* Pittsburgh! (Maybe that's why I literally have not one picture of any of my trips to Pennsylvania...)

29) Rhode Island: To be honest I have no idea if I ever crossed the border into Rhode Island until I was in high school and started going to the beach there with my friends. Funny considering we lived less than an hour from the Connecticut/Rhode Island border! Anyway, since then I've also been to Providence several times, most of those times being recently when Steve and I went to visit his family members who still live there.

First trip to RI that I *remember* ;) April 1999, the Roger Williams Park Zoo!

30) South Carolina: Though I drove through South Carolina several times on my way to and from Florida, I guess my first real "visit" here was in April 2005 when my sister and I went to Myrtle Beach. Of course, I live here now, so there's that ;)

Technically this was my second trip to SC, but still one of the most fun! (Myrtle Beach, August 2005)

31) Tennessee: My job sent me to Nashville for a trade show in April 2000, but since then one of my friends from college moved to Nashville and I've been lucky enough to get to visit her several times throughout the past couple of years.

Second trip to Nashville and my first as an adult, and I met Rob Schneider!

I've got one more week of visited states for ya, and then perhaps I'll move on to visited countries? Hmmm... ;) Pin It

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