Friday, July 26, 2013

Wait a minute...KILTmas in July?!

As you probably know from previous blog entries I've written - about local author Tyffani Clark Kemp's novel A Beast Within, and of course my more recent entry about local comic community Cannon Canvas Comics and the debut issue of their first published comic Ubermenschen - I'm really into supporting self-published authors and indie publishing companies, *especially* local ones :)

Well, it just so happens that on July 25th (just yesterday!), Tyffani Clark Kemp and J.A. Howell, another author who works with local Side Street Cookie Publishing, started a blog hop for their new novels. The hop is called "The 12 Days of Kiltmas" - because both novels are set in, you guessed it, Scotland!

Tyffani's new novel is titled Shaggy Maggie. It follows Harvey Young - lead of the Scottish band Shaggy Maggie - and Magda Canady, editor for a New York publishing company. Harvey and Magda attended high school together in Scotland, though they were more enemies than friends, as Harvey bullied Magda until she essentially ran away. However, they've never quite forgotten each other - for very different reasons, of course - and many years later, when Magda returns to Scotland with her long-time boyfriend, she and Harvey have a chance encounter that leads to much, much more.

Author J.A. Howell's Kiltmas in July novel is Possess My Heart, a story about a young man named Brody who passed away, but who hangs in limbo so long as his lover Aggie's heart still belongs to him. Aggie's family sends her to Scotland for the summer, where she meets Camden MacTavish and butts heads with him constantly - though at the same time she finds herself torn over letting Camden into her heart...and therefore having to let Brody go.

As you can see by the cover, Possess My Heart is actually the third book in a series! It's called the Possess Saga and you can find information on the other books on the saga's Goodreads page :)

So what are you waiting for? Help support local (if you live in the upstate South Carolina area)/indie authors and check out Shaggy Maggie and Possess My Heart - what better way to celebrate Christmas Kiltmas in July? :)
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