Saturday, July 6, 2013

What I'm doing vs. What I *should* be doing.

What I've been doing the past two days:
  • Playing Journey on PS3 (the game, not the band, and it's crazy and amazing and everyone should play it)
  • Watching Steve play BioShock (and never giving me a turn :( )
  • Taking out the supplies for my Apocalypse Aurora costume for Dragon*Con, but never actually working on it.
  • Being super on top of the play-by-play ticket and room availability for Ice & Fire Con 2014. (at the moment, we have 25 base price tickets left, an additional 20 tickets on top of that (which will be priced at $90-100 due to Ravenwood's facility charges for anything over 60 people) - and 1 Ravenwood cottage, 5 Ravenwood castle rooms, and 4 Ravenwood cabins still open for booking.

New logo designed by the incomparable T.M.!

What I should have been doing the past two days:
  • Working on the cover art for my novel. This is all that I have so far:

  • Packing up the glassware in our hutch and my shot glass cabinet in preparation for some major home renovations that we're starting this coming week.
  • ACTUALLY WORKING ON MY APOCALYPSE AURORA COSTUME. Or the necklace for my Bonnie from Red Dead Redemption costume. Or painting my prop gun for my Starbuck costume. (I could go on and on and on and on.)
  • Designing the rest of my "business/calling cards" for upcoming cons. I'm theming them around my costumes, but the only ones I have done so far are for Cersei - and that only because I cosplay her so much that I actually ordered them rather than printing them myself. I'm hoping to be able to hand these out to people who take pictures of me so that they'll actually know who I am/contact me when they post said pictures online :)

    (don't mind the name tag, it's for the modern!Cersei costume that I've put together for Dragon*Con)

Whatever, I'm blaming my lack of productivity on the weather. And what has essentially been a long weekend. ;) Pin It

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