Friday, August 23, 2013

Blogs & Podcasts, oh my!

Well, I haven't done a link share in a while, and with Dragon Con fast approaching I'm so busy trying to finish home renovations (more on that later) and costumes ( ::crossing my fingers that everything I need to get done, gets done...sigh:: ) that it seems like a good time to promote/mention some other things I've been involved in. So that it actually looks like I have a life outside blogging, of course... ;)

The most recent thing I have to mention is - surprise surprise - about Dragon Con. I was invited to guest post on Needless Things again, this time during their Dragon Con prep time - so I wrote up a little "article" about what I learned my first year at Dragon Con. (Thankfully that was just last year, so my memory is still at least somewhat fresh...) So go check it out!

Now, some time ago I was a guest on the Bastards of Kingsgrave podcast. BoK is an offshoot of A Podcast of Ice & Fire, during which they talk about non-ASOIAF-related things...and of course, often end up comparing them with ASOIAF ;) This particular episode was about Battlestar Galactica, and it was as always a blast to talk to Ashley, and also to meet other fans of the series. (Well, in this case, both series!)

Bastards of Kingsgrave Episode 18: Battlestar Galactica

Now, speaking of Podcast of Ice & appears that I forgot to plug the last episode I joined in on, here on my blog! During this one, I come in about an hour and a half in to talk a bit about Dragon Con (surprise surprise? haha) and a bit more about Ice & Fire Con....

That said, I absolutely could not post this blog entry - and mention APOIAF that many times - without also giving them a huge congratulations...because earlier this week, they won Best Podcast at The Geekie Awards!!!

Amin, Ashley, Kyle, and Mimi put a lot of time and effort into APOIAF. They clearly love their fans and the podcast is not only informative about Song of Ice & Fire and Game of Thrones, but amusing as well. They totally deserved this award and I expect more awesome things to come for them! So again, congrats, guys! Pin It

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