Sunday, August 11, 2013

Dragon Con Excitement!

I got an exciting email yesterday, right on the heels of the Dragon Con mobile app being released on Friday, so as you can probably imagine, Dragon Con is on my mind even more than it was already (if that's even possible...)

Anyway, so, the email was my panel schedule for Dragon Con! I'm going to be on not one but two panels this year, both with the American Sci Fi Fantasy Media track - the Game of Thrones "Shock and AWWW" panel, and their late night "Sexing up History" panel. So not only do I get to be a panelist, but one of them actually has a little something to do with my college degree ;) (For those who don't know, I have a B.A. in History.)

I decided to post a schedule of the public events I will be attending because hey, I always want to meet others who have similar interests! Of course there are other panels I am going to try to attend throughout the weekend, but these are the activities that are definites for me...and please note that all photo shoots I'm mentioning are open to the public!

Thursday night starting at 7:30 PM (and going until whenever!) 
Partying with other Song of Ice & Fire/Game of Thrones fans! We’re going to do what will hopefully be a bar/lounge crawl that will either start in the Hyatt lobby bar or at Pulse in the Marriott.

Friday 11:30 AM 
Running the Game of Thrones fan meet and greet for the American Sci Fi Fantasy Media Track, (Marriott 301-302)

Friday 5:30 PM 
Walking Dead photoshoot
(on the steps of the Hilton)

Friday 7:00 PM 
Panelist on the Game of Thrones Shock and AWWW Panel with American Sci Fi Fantasy Media
(Marriott 301-302)

Saturday 10 AM 
Walking with the Game of Thrones group in the parade (as Cersei, of course)

Saturday 12 PM 
Game of Thrones photoshoot
(5th floor of the Hilton)

Saturday 6 PM 
(10th floor Marriott)

Saturday 7 PM 
(Westin lobby)

Saturday 10 PM 
Panelist on the Sexing Up History panel with the American Sci Fi Fantasy Media Track
(Marriott 301-302)

…and my Sunday is thankfully still pretty open ;) I’ll just be attending panels and the like, and later in the day searching out other Battlestar Galactica cosplayers because I will be dressed as Starbuck and I want to meet BSG people!
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