Thursday, August 29, 2013

Home Renovations 105: Apparently construction lasts forever...

It's been a long six weeks.

Really, really long.

For instance, I took a video on July 16th. It's mostly a recap of the stuff that I posted pictures of in my last home renovations entry, but regardless, take a look (if you want):

I suppose I should admit that we've come a long way since then - because we have. Unfortunately, as our contractor worked, he kept finding other things that needed to be fixed. And Steve and I have had so little free time the past couple of months that even though we used 90% of that free time to do our assigned home renovation tasks...well, none of it happened fast enough, if you ask me. So here we are, exactly six weeks later, and our house is still mostly torn apart.

What has me just a bit disheartened, by just a few days into our renovations it seemed like so much had been done. For example, at that point the solarium and dining room walls were entirely gone, and the new flooring had been laid over where where the solarium used to be:

It took a lot of hard work, but by that first full weekend Steve and I had knocked out the hearth as well. He did most of the drilling, but I was the crowbar whiz. (He was very proud of my skills and even admitted that I did most of the "heavy lifting" ;) Not that he didn't do plenty of work himself - he did!)

After that, though, things slowed down. A lot. Too much, in fact. Tearing up the carpet and padding and staples was more time consuming then it should have been, and on top of it we decided (sort of last minute) to repaint our walls - even the ones that hadn't been effected by the renovations. Ahhh, the things we should have thought about long before doing them... ;)

Thankfully, even though it still seems as if there's no end in sight, in recent days we've gotten a lot more done - and a lot faster - so I'll hopefully get around to posting painting and flooring updates sooner rather than later. Until then, though...I guess we'll continue to work our butts off. ::sigh:: Pin It

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