Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Travel Tuesday: Visited States, Part 7

And now we're down to the final six! I'll probably take a break for a week before starting my visited countries series, but I've enjoyed sharing these on my blog so Travel Tuesdays will definitely continue :)

32) Utah: While I was on that aforementioned missions trip to Arizona the summer after my junior year of high school, we drove up into Utah and visited several areas in the southern part of the state - most notably, Monument Valley.

My dad and I in Monument Valley, UT, June 1999. Don't mind my scowl; the sun was in my eyes!

33) Vermont: Despite growing up so close to Vermont, I believe that the first time I visited there was actually in high school! While I did end up in Burlington for the New England Music Festival in 2000, mostly we would travel to southern Vermont to go skiing :)

Oh hey, another picture of my dad and I! You'd think we actually liked each other... ;) This one is from a ski trip to Okemo Mountain in Vermont, December 2002

34) Virginia: I went to college in Virginia and lived here for some time afterward - and it was by far my least favorite place to live. There are some beautiful places in this state, but if you ever visit, take my advice and stay far, far away from Lynchburg ;)

At the top of Sharp Top Mountain in the Blue Ridge, May 2003

35) Washington: I stopped in Seattle for a couple of days after that Alaska cruise that I took in 2008 - I really enjoyed the city and would love to go back!

See, look! The Space Needle! I DID go to Seattle! ;)

36) West Virginia: Though I've never vacationed in West Virginia (do I really have to explain why?) I've seen about 80% of the state. It's...pretty... ;)

Here is my Traveling Sandor in a West Virginia McDonald's. As you can tell, he isn't very happy. Let's just say that my friend Matt and I suck at choosing highway exits.

37) Wyoming: When I turned 21 I was living away from home, and rather than spend a bunch of money for me to go back to Connecticut for a visit for my birthday, my parents did the super cool thing and took me on a ski trip to Wyoming!

I had a bit of a pattern going at the beginning of this entry, so I figured I'd close it with a picture of my dad and I at Jackson Hole ski resort, December 2003 :)

Well, like I said, that's the last of my visited states list :) Tune back in to Travel Tuesdays in a couple of weeks or so, when I begin my visited countries list! Pin It

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