Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Dragon Con 2013 Recap: Day 1

It's two days post-Dragon Con and I'm still exhausted, I still have next to no voice, and I already don't want to have to wait a year to go back!

All that said, welcome to my Dragon Con 2013 Recap! Be prepared for lots of pictures - and, to be quite honest, a little bit of bitching ;) I swear that I had fun, but there was definitely a different vibe this year, and...well, I'll get into that later. For now, let's go back to last Thursday, no?

Living only two hours away from Atlanta is great, but at the same time it was still one hell of a morning - dropping my dogs off at the kennel, running to work to handle payroll, and rushing home to finish packing, all the while still trying to be out of my house by noon. But we - that would be myself and my friends Matt and Ashley - actually left about ten or quarter after twelve, so no complaints here! We did catch a bit of traffic about 30 miles outside of Atlanta due to someone having gotten in an accident, but we made it to the Hyatt at around 2:30 or so and were able to check right in, no wait at all! In fact, we were also able to get a luggage cart, and it was in our room maybe ten minutes after we were.

We did carry some stuff up to our room, though. Nothing like checking in to a hotel wearing a Resident Evil helmet or carrying a bag full of prop weapons.

Checking in around 2:30 or 2:45 or so got us a room on the 8th floor. I *definitely* want to try checking in earlier next year, because hiking those flights of stairs on the days when elevator waits were insane was more than a little tiresome.

Once our bags had been delivered to our room, we headed down to the Sheraton to get our badges. The line was out the door and wrapped around one and a half sides of the hotel, but thankfully we only actually waited about 35 minutes. The unfortunate part about the wait was that the majority of it was outside in the heat and sun. I'm still not sure why they had everyone entering the building together/in the same line regardless of whether or not they were pre-registered or will call or buying their badges that day, but apparently the line only got worse and they even had to cap it later that night when it reached around 90 minutes long. So I guess I should at least be glad we didn't have to wait that long ;)

Jern Snew and the King in der Nurth do not enjoy Hooters very much.

Next up was dinner! We had reservations at Meehan's but unfortunately they had a power surge and none of their fryers were working. Instead we went across the street to Hooters, which could have been quite the fun experience had it not taken insanely long to get everything - especially drinks. I ordered a simple bourbon and coke at the same time I ordered my food and I was half done with my meal before the drink even arrived :-/ And then I had to flag the waitress down at about 7:10 to ask my check. I needed to be back at the Hyatt by 7:30...and even though we'd sat down at 5:45 we were still there. Ugh.

Thursday was a lot more crowded this year than I remember it being last year, but thankfully throughout the night I was able to keep people apprised of where the modern Game of Thrones bar crawl was and what we were doing, and a good handful of people were able to find us at some point or another :)

Modern Gregor

Modern Jaime and Cersei

Modern Littlefinger having trouble with his creeper stache! (Probably one of those "had to be there" things)

Clearly Liz has no idea what's happening around her, or why. ;)

Our bar/hotel crawl started at the Hyatt, moved to the Pulse loft at the Marriott, and wrapped up at the restaurant/bar in the Hilton. Mostly we just drank and played Cards Against Westeros, and it was a total blast - met new people, hung out with old friends, etc. etc. etc. Of course my bedtime was way too late - and that made for a slow Friday morning (shoot, a slow Friday in general) - but overall it was well worth it.

Next up...the first "official" day of Dragon Con! Stay tuned :) Pin It

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