Monday, September 9, 2013

Dragon Con 2013 Recap: Day 2, Part 3

Wellll so much for finishing my recap of Friday at Dragon Con over the weekend. That's what I get for working two jobs, I suppose...but anyway, I'm back and ready to finally wrap up the last bit of my Friday story!

After the Walking Dead gathering/photo shoot that I mentioned in my last entry, it was time for me to make my way to the Marriott, where I was a panelist on the American Sci Fi Fantasy Media track's Game of Thrones: Shock and AWWW panel. There were five panelists, and of those five three of us - myself, Amanda, and Alex - had been on last year's Game of Thrones panel together as well.

Amanda and I waiting for the GoT panel to start!

The look on my face here says more than it probably should. ;)

The panel did go really well, though at one point we had to put the kibosh on Red Wedding talk - mainly because we'd been discussing it for at least fifteen minutes (if not more) and the ASFFM track had an entire panel devoted to the Red Wedding scheduled for the very next morning. That said, the general consensus seemed to be that season three was a huge improvement over season two - at least according to those of us who have read the books ;)

Now, as soon as the Game of Thrones panel wrapped up, I was out of my chair and out the door of that room as quickly as possible - I basically had just over an hour to hike back to the Hyatt, change into my next costume - Aurora "The Dragon Slayer" for the Apocalypse Princess group - and get back down to the Hyatt lobby for a photo shoot. Thankfully, it didn't take me quite as long to change as I'd thought it would, and I even made it with a few minutes to spare :)

(Please excuse that bits of this photo are blurry. It was basically impossible to get a completely not-blurry picture while doing this pose ::sigh:: )

One thing I will say about this costume - you wouldn't think it, but it was hot. I mean that in terms of temperature. It didn't seem as if the air conditioning was working very well in the Hyatt lobby either, though, so that could have been part of the problem. Regardless, after standing around in the Hyatt for a while, I was more than happy when we were finally able to move on to the Marriott...if only because moving meant a little bit of a breeze as I walked ;) Unfortunately, in the process of walking over to the Marriott a guy rushing by (and not paying attention) ran into my swords so hard that he ripped one of them right off my back! Seriously frustrating, because there was no reason for him to have run into me - we were walking through the sky bridge, it wasn't crowded at all, I was well off to the side, etc.

So this is where I interrupt my own recap and say people: when you are making your way around a convention, especially if it's crowded but yes, even when it's not all that crowded - *you need to watch where you're going*. Not just sometimes - at all times. Capisce?

Okay, now that I've said my piece up we headed to the 10th floor of the Marriott, where we were promptly stopped by the Atlanta Fashion Police! I did get a photo, but sadly it has yet to be posted. Once it is, though, damn right I'll be adding it to this entry!

And after the Atlanta Fashion Police was through with us (I use "was" here because it's actually just one guy), we got our group photo taken! We tried as best we could to recreate Tess Fowler's Apocalypse Princess art work, though sadly we were missing one of the princesses who is in it (Mulan). To make up for that, though, we did have three extra Apocalypse Princesses - Rapunzel, Eilonwy, and Pocahontas!

Photo Courtesy of Jeff Gm Photography

After our mini Apocalypse Princess photo shoot was over, I was certain of one thing: I was starving. I hadn't eaten since I had my Caribou Coffee sandwich at around 1 PM, and at this point it was after 11 PM. So my friend Dani and I made our way down to the Peachtree Center food court, grabbed some Dairy Queen, and then went our separate ways - because I wanted nothing more than to scarf down my burger and fries and collapse into bed, especially with knowing that I had to get up at 8 AM the next day for the parade.

(Of course, I didn't actually get to bed right away. Steve had arrived and then Matt and Frankie ordered pizza and it was close to 2 AM before my head finally hit the pillow. Go figure.) Pin It

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