Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dragon Con 2013 Recap: Day 3, Part 1

Needless to say, 8 AM Saturday morning of Dragon Con came way too early. And worse than that - it took me a lot longer to get ready than I thought it would, and I was almost late to meet up and collect my parade wristband and then walk down to the starting point for our Game of Thrones group.

In terms of the parade - well, I was pretty sure that this was a one-time thing for me. That I would participate this year and that would be it. And yes, that's definitely the case. I mean, it was an interesting experience, and I'm glad that I did it, but wow was it hot, and time consuming, and getting up that early was just not fun.

Luckily, I did find a couple of fun photos of me from the parade!

This little girl was dressed as Myrcella, and I walked with her for most of the parade. She was too cute! (Photo courtesy of SuperHeroHype)

Once the parade was over, I booked it back to the hotel to rid myself of some parts of my costume (namely the corset). It was simply too hot to be traipsing around in all that fabric! But I did want to stay (mostly, anyway) in my Cersei Lannister costume and walk down to the Hilton for the noon Game of Thrones photo shoot...

Most of our (very large) group!

Lannisters vs. Tyrells! (with Tyrion and his Shae's not caring what's going on behind them, haha)

This guy was an awesome Sandor, and we all know how I love my Sandor...

Cersei has no love for handless Jaime.

Ice & Fire Con organizers!

SANSAN! (lol at my friend Carly's face in this picture, really)

The Bear and the Maiden Fair!

Cersei and Robert do like their drinks.

Oh! This guy was there!

And dead Ros too!

...and now that I've just thrown so many photos at y'all, I think it's time for me to take a break. I'll be back soon with part 2 of my Saturday at Dragon Con recap!

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