Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dragon Con 2013 Recap: Day 3, Part 4

Finally, down to my last entry about my Saturday at Dragon Con! :)

After stocking up on drinks and freshening up yet again (Labor Day weekend Atlanta heat and humidity are killer, let me tell you), it was time to make my way to my second panel - as in, the second panel I was actually participating in as a panelist. This one was also with the American Sci Fi Fantasy Media track, and it was called "Sexing up History".

This particular panel, being a late night (10 PM) panel, was meant to be more adult-oriented (obviously, I mean, it was called "Sexing up History). Generally it focused on shows like Spartacus and The Borgias, with a bit here and there about The Tudors. It was definitely an interesting panel, and I was surprised at how well-attended it was for being scheduled at 10 PM on Saturday night.

On my end, the main issue that I had with this panel was that they kept talking about Game of Thrones. I mean, we all know how much I love ASOIAF/Game of Thrones,'s fantasy. Not history. And while to an extent it may be more "realistic" in terms of the way it portrays certain aspects of medieval life, if they wanted to talk so much about Game of Thrones they should have made this a "Sex in Fantasy Media" or "Sex in Game of Thrones" panel. Just my two cents.

Also, for the record, Tyrion Lannister not raping Sansa Stark on their wedding night (a wedding which, mind you, was forced on her - both in the book and on the show) does not make him a feminist. Even woobified show!Tyrion is a far, far cry from a feminist.

Okay, stepping off my soapbox now.

But speaking of Game of Thrones...once my panel was over, it was off to the Hilton to play my friend Murphy's Game of Thrones drinking board game!

Traveling Sandor would like to be a playing piece!

Terri is stuck in the Godswood and Brian has been Bran'd...

Jedi (or is it Sith?) Alf came to play!

Needless to say, this board game is dangerous...but oh so fun! Hopefully Murphy's Law Games will create many more interesting board game experiences along these lines...because we played until we got kicked off the twelfth floor of the Hilton, and though we wandered around a bit after that, trying to find something else to do or somewhere else to settle down, it had gotten to the point where I knew that I needed to get to bed or risk not being able to get out of bed the next morning for our Oz the Great & Powerful photo shoot ;) And what happened there will be discussed in my next post! Pin It

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