Sunday, September 15, 2013

Dragon Con 2013 Recap: Day 4, Part 1

There may or may not have been late night pizza in our room Saturday night. All I know is that when 10 AM Sunday morning rolled around, I did not want to get out of bed ;) Unfortunately, we didn't have a choice - we had a photo shoot with our Oz the Great & Powerful costumes scheduled for 11:30. Surprisingly, we made it over to the Marriott in next to no time at all - though I guess it's likely that this was because most sane people were still in bed.

Once we get the edited photos from our shoot, I will absolutely be making a post full of them! But for now, here are some random shots that we took on our own ;)

I had hoped to make it to a 1 PM panel, but unfortunately our photo shoot took a little longer than I'd expected. No big deal...but then it started raining.

Hey, weather happens, right? Of course. But in this case, people had finally started emerging from their rooms - and now they all wanted to stay inside. Thus began our skybridge adventure. We wanted to stop in our room and then head out to the Americas Mart to wander the dealer rooms; instead, we got stuck halfway through the skybridge between the Marriott and the Hyatt. For about half an hour. What we heard was that both the Hyatt and Marriott were at capacity, though I think there were some other factors that came into play as well. Regardless, we couldn't go back to the Marriott - nor could we go forward to the Hyatt.

It was not a very pleasant experience, as I'm sure you understand.

Thankfully, we did eventually make it back to our room, and then from there to the dealer rooms. They were a bit more crowded then they were last year on Sunday, but it's clear that the Americas Mart can handle the crowds better. Of course, while it was great to have all of the dealers in the same place, the layout of the building was, as a whole, problematic. Also, I don't know what possessed the powers that be to put the biggest (in terms of size and draw) vendors right by the entrances. (I mean, I understand why they did it, but that doesn't mean it was a good idea.)

We did get stopped a lot so people could take our picture, too :) This made our walk-through a bit more time-consuming than expected, and we wanted to change costumes and grab some dinner, so we left without purchasing anything this year. We did get a great shot of our costumes, though, thanks to Geektography!

I'll leave you with that for now, but more Dragon Con Sunday stories are on their way soon, promise!
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