Monday, September 16, 2013

Dragon Con 2013 Recap: Day 4, Part 2

So after our foray into the Americas Mart on Sunday of Dragon Con, I was more than ready to change out of my Glinda dress (and to take out my hair extensions, truth be told). And besides...I wanted to run over to the Walk of Fame in hopes of meeting Tahmoh Penikett - a.k.a. Karl Agathon/Helo from Battlestar Galactica! And I did, and it was GLORIOUS.

No, really though, he was really nice. And really, really, really attractive. I mean, look at him! ^^^

I usually don't get tongue-tied, but then I've never met a "famous person" who I was actually attracted to before. And I'm certain it doesn't help that Helo is also my favorite character from BSG. And there was no one in line behind me when I approached him, so he tried to start a conversation with me and I was generally a bumbling idiot. ::sigh::

After meeting Helo (!!!) it was past time for dinner. We decided to try Meehan's again, since we hadn't been able to get in on Thursday night - and though there was about a 30 minute wait, we decided that was more than worth it in order to get a sit-down meal...especially as hanging out on the street seems to always lead to some interesting conversations with random people ;) (at least at Dragon Con...)

It also gives one a chance to pause and actually get some pictures of oneself...

Ashley and I with our smokes, haha

Matt and I in our BSG costumes!

Eventually we did get to sit down and eat. As usual, after what is surely an insanely busy weekend for Meehan's, they had run out of several things and the staff was clearly overworked. I felt more than a little bit sorry for our waiter, who was seriously apologetic every time something went wrong - and trust me, a lot of things went wrong. He did what he could to fix them, but sadly it was still a disappointing meal overall. Ah well - at the same time, I'm glad we got to actually sit down and eat.

Now, I could continue with the tales of the rest of our last night at Dragon Con, but one of those is actually pretty lengthy - so I'm going to leave all of that for another entry. Stay tuned! Pin It

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