Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dragon Con 2013 Recap: Day 4, Part 3

It was well after 8 PM by the time we finished dinner, and as the ESO Network was recording a live podcast at 10, I figured it was past time to stop back at the room to freshen up before heading over to the recording.

And on the way back to the room, Steve ran into this other Hunter S Thompson and gave him a cigarette holder. The guy was completely psyched and literally "bowed" to Steve, haha...

Unfortunately, we never made it to that recording, and that's part of the long story of this, our last night at Dragon Con 2013. First, it was a stop at the Outlanders party being held in a suite on our floor of the Hyatt (a friend was hanging out there and I wanted to say hello). Then we ended up outside of the Marriott for a quick, err, break before making our way to the podcast.

This is where - sadly - things took a turn for the worse. Steve was sitting on the edge of a tall cement planter. I was standing in front of him, facing him. I bent down to get my bottle of water out of Steve's messenger bag, which was sitting on the ground between us - and some guy ran by and hit me so hard on the ass that he nearly knocked me over.

Now, sure, I'd bent down at the waist, so yes, my bum was, err, out there. But...I was wearing PANTS. Baggy military pants. As Starbuck. The guy also made some comment about me/my ass/me being bent over like that (I honestly can't remember exactly what he said), but by the time I'd gotten my balance and straightened up, he was gone. Steve had had to help me catch my balance, plus I was standing in front of him and therefore in his way, and at this point I had to stop him from trying to chase the guy down. "What's the point?" I asked him. "You probably won't find him, and even if you do, I don't want to spend my last night at Dragon Con explaining to the cops why you started a fight with some guy."

Should I have allowed Steve to do something about it? I don't know. Should *I* have done something about it? Maybe. Probably. But by the time I'd calmed down enough to realize that I actually kind of wanted to do something about it, all I could do was keep an eye out for the guy and hope that I ran into him again. Which I didn't. And maybe, probably, that was all for the best. Needless to say, I lost track of myself after that, forgot that I was supposed to go to the ESO Network podcast, and ended up whiling away the wee hours of the night/morning in the Marriott and then at the Hyatt. I did, at least, have plenty of fun...

So Hunter S. Thompson, Starbuck, and Grand Moff Tarkin walk into a bar...

And next up I'll talk about our last morning, checking out of the Hyatt (let me just say: UGH), and my general thoughts on Dragon Con 2013 as a whole :) Pin It

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