Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dragon Con 2013 Recap: The Great Exodus & Some Final Thoughts

Somehow, despite a post-3-AM bedtime Sunday night, I was wide awake and almost chipper at 10 AM Monday morning of Dragon Con. Of course, us having only a two-ish hour drive home, I'd asked for a late check out of 1 PM anyway...but at least my waking up somewhat early meant time for a sit-down breakfast, time to pack up our things, not having to worry about the long waits for elevators and/or luggage carts, etc.

Because yes - all of that was horrible. No, not if you got your butt out of bed and left at like 9 AM, as one of our roommates did - but come 10:30 or so, it was insane. It took my friend Matt something like 45 minutes to come up from the lobby (he'd gone to get his car and parked it just outside the hotel), gather up one load of stuff in his arms, go down to his car, toss it in, and come back up. As he was using the stairs to go down, well, you can imagine how much of that time was spent waiting for elevators.

So yeah, I'm glad I didn't have anywhere to be that day - at least not until that evening, anyway. We were able to take our time rolling out of bed and having a late breakfast at Sway in the Hyatt (amazing food but um SERIOUSLY $4 for a shitty cup of coffee? and even though the restaurant was empty I had to ask for cream three times before someone finally brought it to us). After we ate, Steve went to get our car from the nearby garage, and our lovely friend Ashley watched our stuff while I went back and forth to the room bringing the rest of our bags downstairs. By this time - after 1 PM - there was no wait at all for the elevators, thankfully...especially as, despite my having told the front desk it would be close to 2 PM before we could officially check out, they deactivated our room keys around 1:45.

Talk about annoying. Especially as there were only two things left in our room, but I hadn't wanted to try to drag them downstairs with my arms almost full because they were both very fragile.

Anyway, we were home around 5 PM, and a little while later I had to bring Ashley to the airport in Greenville, but let's just say that next year I'll be more than happy to stay until Tuesday and be those people still walking around in costume, unable to give up on Dragon Con, keeping the party alive for one more day.

All in all, I had a great time at Dragon Con this year...but I have to point out the following:
  • They really need to cap tickets. I know that some people are worried about how difficult it will be to then get tickets, but...why? *If* the ticket numbers are capped, it will be at 50,000+ people (seeing as there were 57,000 people there this year). The chances of it being an issue for those who pre-purchase their full weekend badges are almost nonexistent.
  • I already posted an article about this on The Geekiary, but it bears repeating - COSPLAY IS NOT CONSENT. Dragon Con improved their harassment policy, had a Cosplay is not Consent panel, ran bumpers about it on DCTV, and even had a separate room in the Marriott where one could go to report sexual assault. They did everything they could, but clearly - from what happened to me on Sunday night (and situations experienced by some of my friends throughout the weekend) this is still a problem. The only thing that *is* consent is ACTUAL CONSENT, and as in all walks of life, when at a convention people need to learn to use common sense.
  • Dragon Con's vibe was...different, this year. Listen, I knew it wouldn't be the same as last year, and next year won't be the same as this year or last year - but there seemed to just be more of a negative energy about the crowd this year, and I gotta be honest, I want that to go away and never again come back. That said, I still had a blast, and of course I already can't wait for next year!
  • No seriously, can it be Dragon Con all year long? And also, I so very much enjoyed the BSG panel that I went to - and meeting Tahmoh Penikett - that next year Dragon Con will totally be all about BSG, methinks. ;)
So, that's all for my Dragon Con coverage...until next year! (Or rather, until the next time I feel the need to make a post about Dragon Con things, which could very well be later this year ;) ) Pin It

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