Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Travel Tuesday: My Las Vegas Bucket List

Having returned from my 10th (yes, TENTH) Vegas trip just a few days ago, I figured it was high time that I share my Vegas bucket list! I've actually completed most of these (and may add more later, who knows?) - but for now, here are things

1) Stay up all night

This is one that I've actually accomplished several times over ;) I'd say the most epic time, though, was in May 2011 - when I woke up at 9:30 AM and somehow stayed awake until my 2:30 PM flight the next day! Those last several hours were rough to say the least, but I made it!

Don't mind the panda hat. On this trip, I ended up in Vegas via San Fransisco ;)

One last beverage before boarding my flight home. Awake for at least 28 hours at this point.

2) See a show

Another one I've experienced more than once! I saw the Cirque du Soleil Beatles show, LOVE, and Peepshow back when Holly Madison was in it. Both were epic, though Peepshow was a lot more, you know, Vegas ;)

December 2010

3) Visit the Hoover Dam

When I took my baby sister to Vegas for her 21st birthday, the Hoover Dam was the one thing we did to prove to my parents that we weren't just in Vegas to party...haha.

September 2008

4) Get a tattoo

5) Stay in a suite

This is another two-timer! Most recently we had a suite at the Mirage for my 30th birthday, but it was definitely most exciting the very first time ;)

High rollin'! September 2011.

6) Visit Red Rock Canyon

Kind of a random decision, really - but another time where I thought, "I've seen so much of what Vegas has to offer, maybe I should get outside of the city and explore a little bit." And what better time than during my 30th birthday trip? (Well, minus the fact that it was freezing cold that day...)

December 2012

7) Get a table/do bottle service at a club

This activity has become kind of a staple, because I'm old now (heh) and like to be able to, you know, sit down once in a while. Even when I'm out clubbing in Vegas ;) I got hooked on this the first time I did it, for sure.

September 2011
8) See a Vegas wedding

Okay, so *technically* it was a vow renewal, but since it was a full-blown Elvis-themed vow renewal at one of the infamous Vegas chapels, I'm counting it! I actually attended this just this past weekend - the cousins of my good friend Natalie did it - and it was hilarious and a blast and such a cool way for them to celebrate their 15th anniversary!

The happy couple in front of the chapel :)

9) Go to one of the big pool parties

So I had attended a sort of pool party at Bare at the Mirage many years ago - but I wanted to check out one of the named ones! Though we went on a Thursday and it wasn't nearly as insane as it is on the weekends, we rented a bungalow at Wet Republic and it was amazing...

They even let us use Skippy the Kangaroo!

10) Rent/ride in a limo for no reason

Since I've visited Vegas with sizable groups of friends several times over the years, we've actually taken a lot of random rides in limos - often doing so ends up being the same price as (or cheaper than) taking a cab, when you've got 8 or more people and you'd have to split up anyway. But there was one time when five of us outright rented a limo for the evening kind of "just because" - visited the Vegas sign, and downtown Vegas, and then had it drop us off at Encore so we could go to XS for the night. Champagne was included (well, a bottle of it was) and it was a blast! (Not surprisingly.)

December 2010

11) Go on one of the helicopter rides/tours over the Strip

12) Two words: Champagne Brunch.

Seriously, if you're in Vegas on a weekend there is no reason to NOT hit up one of these. They have them at most hotels, though some have better food (Mandalay Bay) and some have freer-flowing champagne (Planet Hollywood). 

At the Spice Market Champagne Brunch at Planet Hollywood, June 2010
13) Visit Lake Mead

(Okay, *technically* I've done this, but I'm not really counting it as I just went to an overlook. One day, when I'm in Vegas and the weather is nice, I'd love to go out here and boat on the lake for a day!)

14)  Check out "Old Vegas"

I mean, why not? Cheap[er] drinking. Cheap[er] gambling. It's kitschy and while you don't need to spend a ton of time there, it's fun!

Those football drinks are dangerous. (November 2007)

My guess is that this place isn't as pricey as Sapphire... ;) (September 2008)

...and Binion's is great for $5 Blackjack! (December 2010)

15) Play blackjack!

To me this is just the quintessential Vegas game - so again, this almost always happens when I visit. Sometimes I even win ;)

(Pardon the blurry picture...)
Like I said, I'll probably add more to this list as I finish the last few goals that I have yet to accomplish...but these are my general suggestions for awesome things to do in Vegas. I could never live there, but obviously it's one of my favorite places to visit...and I already can't wait to go back! Pin It

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