Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tara's Hardcore Walking Dead Drinking Game v2.0

* As always, assume that there are spoilers for all aired episodes throughout this post. *


While watching the second episode of the new season of Walking Dead, I realized that despite having posted my original Hardcore Walking Dead Drinking Game just about 8 months ago, it's obviously time for a new version. Version one was really meant to be played while watching several episodes in a row, but there's also been a lot of changes to how things are done and to the character roster - especially in the second half of last season. I mean, we lost Dale and Shane in season two, then Lori and Andrea in season three. Additionally, Carl is no longer so young that him wandering off is the biggest worry anyone has about him ;) All of that rendered about a third of version 1.0 obsolete, and what in the world is the point of a drinking game that isn't [at least fairly consistently] forcing you to drink? (Especially if it's supposedly a 'hardcore' drinking game...)

And so I give you version 2.0! (Though I'm too lazy to add "v2.0" to the picture, sorry.)

~ Rick gets all angsty about making a decision (and let's be honest, lately he's been angsty about basically every decision he makes) ~

Shirtless angsty Rick gets two drinks.

~ They encounter a horde of zombies ~

~ Any time a "redshirt" dies. ( ::cough:: most of the Woodbury people now living in the prison ::cough:: ) ~
~ Daryl *or* Michonne shows their soft side ~

Two-fer! Michonne soft side moment combined with a woman doing womanly things!

~ Subversion from within is discovered - you know, someone is feeding the zombies by the prison fences! Someone burned the obviously sick people! (Because surely there is more to come...) ~

~ People in the group have a lovey-dovey serious talk (I'm Michonne-side-eying Glenn & Maggie and Tyreese & Karen really hard right now) ~

~ A woman is shown cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, teaching or reading to children/watching children/holding babies, or any other task that apparently only women can do in the post-apocalyptic world ~ 

~ If Beth is singing, you have to drink consistently until she stops. ~ 

~ When a zombie 'dies' or is 'killed' in a particularly ridiculous and/or gruesome way. (I'm looking at you, zombie who falls through the roof and explodes on the floor of the Big Lots in the premiere of season 4.) ~

~ Plot hole drink! (That sounds bad.) Now, we can ignore the really miniscule, nit-picky plot holes (seriously, don't Google "Walking Dead plot holes, it ruins things). But hey, perfectly groomed lawn? Drink. Helicopter crashes into the roof of a Big Lots but somehow doesn't break through said roof? Drink. ~

~ In fact, you might as well drink every time you predict that a character will die and they do. Or don't. Just drink, okay? ~

Again, though, don't forget the original version of this game, and if you're doing a marathon or re-watch, I highly suggest combining the two ;)
But um...drink responsibly, and all that stuff. You wouldn't want to be dead to the world (heh, see what I did there?) when the zombies come a-wanderin', -bitin', -roamin', or whatever else they do.
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