Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Travel Tuesday: Confessions (Part 1)

Because my trip this past weekend included an unplanned detour, I missed Monday Confessions...but I figured that combining that post with a Travel Tuesday post would work for this week ;)


(And I do think this will become a once in a while thing, therefore I'm only giving a few confessions today!)

1. I can't stand delays when I'm traveling to places, but delays coming home - such as the honestly much-needed little detour we had to take on our way back from Not*A*Con this past weekend - don't bother me in the least. (Well...okay, there are sometimes delays that DO bother me a bit, but hey, at least I often get good stories out of them.)

2. While I try to travel on a budget more often than not, I also need most creature comforts. Camping for a night? Okay. Camping for a week? No thanks. Small bathroom/shower? I can handle it. Sharing a bathroom/shower with strangers and/or no hot water? Probably not going to happen.

3. It's not just that I love to travel and experience new people and places and things - it's become so ingrained in me as to be as much a need as a love. I miss home when I'm away - my bed and my pets most of all - but after just a few weeks at home (sometimes less) I'm ready to go again. Or rather, I have to go again. It's all both a blessing and a curse. Pin It

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