Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Travel Tuesday: Conventions Galore! (sort of...)

So as it turns out, I've been lucky enough to attend several conventions throughout the past several months - and I'm happy to report that there's really no end in sight when it comes to my convention schedule :)

Actually, maybe I should re-word that - because coming up next I've actually got a little trip that we've dubbed "Not*A*Con!

Basically, my fellow Ice & Fire Con organizer Matt and I are meeting some other Ice & Fire Con friends at Ravenwood this month! We're actually going to do a bit of convention research/work while we're there, of course ;) So stay tuned for some Ice & Fire Con announcements...though they will likely be made on our website, now that we actually have our own news feed/blog-type page.

And following close on the heels of Not*A*Con is something else I'm very, very excited about - Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta!


This will be the second time I attend a convention that is mostly themed around horror and zombies (the first being MonsterCon here in Greenville back in July), and once again I'll be attending one of these on a press/media pass! If you're interested in attending, there are several different levels of tickets available for purchase - everything from single day passes to full weekend passes to VIP tickets that come with all sorts of awesome perks. Seriously, if you're a fan of The Walking Dead, I can't see how you'd want to miss this convention - obviously I don't want to. Here's just a sample of the amazing guest list...

...and trust me, that's not even half of it. There are plenty more guests, including some actors who have had spots in Dawn of the Dead, Breaking Bad, and more! It also doesn't hurt that the host hotel is the Westin, which is of course a really awesome place to stay right in downtown Atlanta, and that room rates start at just $139/night ;)

So there you have it, my next month (or so) in a[n admittedly not very small] nutshell. I'm almost sad that I don't have any conventions planned for December...anybody have suggestions?
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