Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What's that? An Ice & Fire Con Update? (and more!)

Since we have our own News page on the Ice & Fire Con website (which I think I've mentioned before), I obviously have less reason to post regular updates here in my own blog. But rest assured...we're still plugging away and already preparing for next year (well, now that Dragon Con is behind us...we did allow ourselves a bit of a break around that).

But the Big! Important! News! our new "About" page on the site - including an introduction to the new third head of our organizational dragon (heh) - Murphy!

As you can see, he has yet to fill out our little organizer survey, but my guess is that the answers are Stark, somewhere in the North, and Dani (yes, that's supposed to be spelled like that and if you know Murphy you know why). Likes and dislikes are a bit more specific, though, so I'll leave those alone ;)

On another note, The Hump and Bronto Show has been really picking up - though I was 'out sick' with bronchitis last week, we had a great episode two weeks ago and last night's wasn't too shabby either. Also, our website is basically complete and I have a bio, yay!

So while I'm off in the wilds of Ohio on our Ice & Fire Con 'scouting' trip for the next few days, go listen to some of our old Hump & Bronto Show episodes or something!

Last but not least, I am ridiculously excited about the latest Walker Stalker Con news...that being that ANDREW LINCOLN is going to be there!

Yes. That man right there, Rick Grimes himself. I already couldn't wait for this convention, but now my anticipation has reached epic proportions.

And that's about it right now for important updates! I'll be back in a few days after my little unplugged vacation (which I am actually really, really happy about - being unplugged, I mean)... Pin It

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