Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Traditions New & Old

Admittedly, my Thanksgiving weekend didn't quite go as planned this year - but in the end. it turned out to be pretty freaking awesome.

I began my holiday with a years-old tradition - going to a movie. Usually a 'young adult' movie; in this case, Catching Fire :) Add in something that my sister and I started last year - Painkillers at Cheddar's - and, well, yay Black Wednesday!

Now, as it happened, my sisters and a few other friends were in the area and didn't have plans for Thanksgiving dinner. After a couple of Painkillers (and several bourbon and cokes, if you want me to be completely honest), I decided that an 8 PM Black Wednesday trip to the grocery store and an offer to make some semblance of a meal on Thanksgiving was a great idea. And you turned out to be just that.  Including my nieces and nephew, there were ten of us at my house for dinner last night...a dinner that was followed by a few of us hanging out and playing the Game of Thrones drinking game!

First, though...bread and salt for guest rite!

Best game pieces ever!

::sigh:: Cersei's at The Wall again!

The boys look on in wonder...or...something

Poor 'Jaime' got Jory'd *and* Hodor'd, but somehow still won the game. I guess after all that, he really deserved it. Cersei was quite close, though! Sandor and Robb kept getting sent backward, so they weren't too happy with the outcome...not that they ever had a chance (poor Sandor :( )

Lannisters Rule! (The Drinking Game, at least...)

Pop figure, of course ;)
Somehow we ended up having way too much food, but hey, at least that meant yummy leftovers for me today ;) (After having to go to work and finish up some last minute end of the month stuff, and making an ill-advised stop at Old Navy to buy 50% off jeans) But thanks to great friends and crazy family, it was honestly one of the best Thanksgivings I've ever had...

Happy Thanksgiving from the Queen Regent and the King in the North!
More post-drinking-game silliness with some amazing friends <3

I hope that everyone else had as great of a holiday as I did :D So cliche, I know, but even with the things that didn't go as planned, I really do have a lot to be thankful for and I'm not sure I would have traded this weekend for anything. Pin It

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