Saturday, November 16, 2013

Walker Stalker Con 2013: Day 2, Part 3

Okay, so I left off with my buddy and I getting our zombie makeup 'did' by Roy Wooley from Face/ what better way to pick back up than with a picture of the finished product? ;)

With Roy!

I am not the best at making zombie faces. Ah well :)

Showing off my Media pass in front of the Walker Stalker sign

Don't worry though, after a bit of food (a burger, because of course a zombie needs her meat) and some drink, my zombie face got progressively better as the night went on ;) I even braved the Saturday night VIP Meet & Greet in my ridiculous "Disney Tourist zombie 'costume'", and was lucky enough to run into Chad Coleman (Tyreese) and Sonequa Martin-Green (Sasha)! And after the meet and greet, it was about that time...zombie party time, of course!

Oh, and I 'bit' Norman Reedus! (Just kidding, that's an awesome cosplayer named Steve)

See, I told you my zombie face improved!

Another awesome zombie at the party!

My buddy the Gov needed a bite too ;)

The zombie party was actually a lot of fun, and definitely not as crowded as I' would have expected it to be. They had cash bars, of course, but I was also pleasantly surprised that they had a food spread...for free! I'm not usually one to go to the big theme-type parties that they have at conventions, but I'm glad we made it out to this one. The only minor issue was that they stopped the music/dancing for quite some time while they had the costume contest, and since timing-wise it was scheduled in the middle of the dance party, that did kind of make for an awkward break and it seemed that a lot of people unfortunately wandered out of the party because of it.

Amanda is nonplussed about me biting her.

Oh, her turn.

Daryl doing what he does best!
Now, earlier in the night we had met Melissa Hutchison, the voice of Clementine in the Walking Dead game, and as we were leaving the zombie party we ran into her and her friend Oxford and grabbed a picture with them. She was extremely friendly and great to talk to and I'm glad we saw her one last time and were able to grab this shot :)

It was actually (surprisingly? haha) a pretty early night for me, but I did end up back outside one more time after leaving the zombie party, where I ran into Scott Wilson (Herschel). I didn't talk to him because he was surrounded by people, but I thought it was so great that he was out there smoking a cigar and talking to fans, when I'm sure he could have found a private place to enjoy said cigar. I also later heard that he was outside for quite some time - possibly even a good couple of hours after I went to bed around 12:30 AM ;)

Sadly, going to bed Saturday night meant that Walker Stalker Con was almost over...but hey, not quite yet! I hit up a few activities on Sunday before leaving Atlanta, and I'll continue my coverage with those stories in my next entry! Pin It

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