Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Walker Stalker Con 2013 Recap: Day 1

This past weekend I had one of the craziest and most surreal experiences of my life (so far, anyway). I had been granted a media pass to Walker Stalker Con - the first Walker Stalker Con ever, mind you - and had even gotten in touch with some cosplayers who asked me to be the Andrea for their group. Still, as exciting as all of that seemed, nothing could have prepared me for the amazing whirlwind that this convention turned out to be.

Unfortunately, I did arrive a bit late on Friday thanks to the combination of me oversleeping and dealing with traffic getting into the city. I checked into the Westin and had to wait a little while for my luggage, too - as I had to change into one of my Andrea costumes - so I didn't even make it down to the dealer room until around 5 PM.

This meant that I sadly missed meeting up with my cosplay friends, but I did get to walk around and check out the booths. They had a lot of cool stuff going on (some of which I'll talk about in future entries), including this basically life-sized (dead-sized? ha) zombie cake! The chance to eat this thing was being raffled off, but as I wasn't certain I could stomach biting into something that looked like that, I let it be ;)

As it turns out, the cosplay people weren't 'dressing up' for the evening meet and greet, which allowed me to change back into my "comfortable clothes" as well. I will say, though, when I finally met up with them at the meet and greet it was fun to see that they had leaned toward dressing like the actors whose characters they cosplay!

I think the meet and greet was a cool idea, but at the same time I'm not sure it was handled properly. I think it may have been better as a VIP event where they sold less (or possibly more expensive) VIP tickets, and allowed the attendees to take pictures with the actors who showed up. Also, most of us were hungry, so we didn't stay long - though we did run into IronE Singleton (a.k.a. T-Dog) on the way out!

(Please excuse awful blurry and kinda dark cell phone pic)

I ended up tagging along with "the group" for dinner at Meehan's (after a slightly disastrous attempt to get drinks at the bar at the top of the Westin - $7.50 for a Miller Lite NO THANK YOU). The food was good but the service sucked, so in the end we were there so late (until well after 11 PM) that it was off to bed just after. Still, it was a good time hanging out and getting to know some other Walking Dead cosplayers, especially Jimmy, who has mutual friends with my buddy, um, 'Jaime' (haha) and I!

I'll be back soon to recap what was the truly Big Day of Walker Stalker Con...and yes, I've got some really exciting stuff to share. Stay tuned! Pin It

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