Friday, November 8, 2013

Walker Stalker Con 2013 Recap: Day 2, Part 1

Saturday morning of Walker Stalker Con was a bit hectic (admittedly, I overslept juuuust a bit), but eventually I made it down to the dealer room to meet up with the group. There was a panel that I wanted to attend at noon, but when everyone decided to show me off to Laurie Holden (who'd seen them and asked where "she" - as in Andrea - was) I had to tag along as they waited in line for her autograph. When we got to the front of her line and they pointed me out, she was so sweet - she actually got up and said that she had to give me a hug, and proceeded to give me what was probably the longest hug I've ever received from a complete stranger. Not gonna lie, it *kinda* made my morning.

Saturday's 'show' Andrea costume (with what I realized later were the wrong pants ::sigh::)

After meeting Laurie Holden I rushed back over to the Westin for the Zombie Costuming panel with Eulyn Womble, the costume designer for Walking Dead. Not only did she discuss some of the ins and outs of costuming the show, she even gave some tips/hints/tricks (or what have you) for aging clothing items and the like. It was a really great panel and she was extremely engaging. (In fact, I ran into her just outside the hotel later in the day and couldn't help but stop and say hi and thank her for the panel - at which point I also found out that the little shih tzu sitting next to me during the panel was her dog, which was too cute.)

Zombie Costuming panel with Eulyn Womble

I had a bit of free time after the costuming panel and before *my* biggest event of the weekend - a press roundtable with Andrew Lincoln! So I wandered around the hotel a bit and then headed over to wait for Andrew Lincoln (!!!!!!!) - at which point I ran into Kina, who makes one hell of an awesome Michonne...

Next up...I'll share the entire transcript of the Andrew Lincoln press roundtable (and probably the audio as well if I have time to get it uploaded to YouTube, though some of it is a bit difficult to hear). After that I'll move on with my recap, but be prepared for a few more Walker Stalker entries ;) Pin It

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