Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Walker Stalker Con 2013 Recap: Day 2, Part 2

I was admittedly feeling pretty darn amazing after participating in the Andrew Lincoln press roundtable, so after running back up to my room to upload my audio onto my computer (I couldn't bear the thought of losing it, for obvious reasons!) it was time to head back to the dealer room to meet up with "the group" :)

On the way there, though, I met a fun femme!Daryl and her zombie...

...and then once I was there, I ran into Daryl again...sort of ;)

'The group' had really wanted to get our picture with the cast, but unfortunately it was deemed a bit too expensive (at around $450 - even split between a bunch of us, that's a lot of money). So instead we all met up at "Daryl's motorcycle" for a quick group picture!

Though the 'dealer room' at Walker Stalker Con wasn't extremely large, they definitely made up with it by having so many actors there from the show, as well as several other 'entertainment' options. I got my picture taken by CNN! (Though sadly it wasn't one of the 20 photos chosen for their slide show. I'd love to see the pictures their photographer took, though, because the ones my buddy snapped are sadly mostly blurry because my camera is kind of a piece of crap.)

Seriously, this isn't a good picture of me and I have a weird look on my face, plus the lighting is bad...but it's the best one my camera took. CNN photog, where are my pictures?! ;)

Next up, it was time to get ourselves zombified for the party that night! My friend and I had snagged appointments with Roy Wooley from Face/Off, and while this involved getting painted up a little earlier than I would have liked, I'm definitely glad that I sucked it up and had him do my makeup. Because being a zombie turned out to be really fun. And for now I'll leave you with some 'before' pictures, and I'll be back with the 'after' shots and the tale of the rest of our night in the next entry!

Don't mind my face. I think my friend was teasing me.
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