Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry [lazy] Christmas!

I was really behind on Christmas this year. I didn't put my tree up until a week ago, and I didn't bother with ornaments at all.

Shoot, I was still wrapping presents yesterday. The pets tried to help...always a fun time. (Bit of sarcasm, there.)

I did try to look Christmas-y today, but I have to say that my hat was the best part of it...because it fit my mood :p (Though the sun shining the way it is in this picture is kind of cool)

I had a good time with my family, though, and even got to watch some Star Wars with my niece Savannah :) And then I came home and made a new yummy drink. I may call it "White Christmas" because it's kind of a Christmas version of a White Russian...basically just mix Kahlua, Vodka, and Egg Nog to taste :)

So despite the "bah humbug" I suppose it was a pretty good holiday ;) Merry Christmas everyone!

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