Sunday, January 12, 2014

Favorite Geek Clothing Finds

So here's the deal: I am *not* a stylish person.

Sometimes I get lucky and find one outfit that's awesome, or throw something together and it works. But most of the time I'm totally lame when it comes to clothes and fashion, and I'm pretty much okay with that. Honest to God, I prefer lounging in soft pants and cozy shirts and my faux-leather-and-sheepskin men's (yes, men's) slippers.

Lately, though, 'geek' themed clothing has really exploded, and thank God for that. In the past I've found some random Star Wars shirts and worn them pretty much until they fell apart...but they were just t-shirts that happened to have Star Wars screen prints on them, not anything that was cute enough to wear, say, out to a bar.

But that's all changed now, and I want to share with you some of my favorite geeky clothing finds and the awesome websites where I discovered them :)

First and foremost: I bow to the amazingness of Mitmunk. This Etsy shop makes printed leggings, and it's a stroke of luck that they ever have some in my size...but throughout the past few months I've been lucky enough to collect three awesome pairs.

The yellow bionic ones pictured above are by far my favorites, but I also have a pair of their armor leggings and a pair of their crusader leggings. As a warning, the sizing is a bit weird - I usually wear a medium in leggings, but in Mitmunk I'm an XL. Not really sure what's up with that (maybe it's because they're Canadian?), but whatever. The material is nice and the printing is great (especially considering the detail) - basically, the quality is very high and I love them and I stalk their Etsy shop on the regular looking for different styles in my size.

Next up, one of my friends randomly shared something from the Her Universe Facebook page a while back, and I fell in love with several of their shirts. They've got some really cute items - some of which are amusing, as well - from fandoms like Star Wars, BSG, Walking Dead, and more.

Two of the best shirts I found on Her Universe are a scoop-neck sweatshirt with the BSG seal on it, and the "Ricktatorship" dolman top pictured above. They seem to add new items/designs fairly regularly, too. (To be honest, I probably need to stalk this site as much as I stalk Mitmunk... ;) )

Lastly, I've even stumbled upon some pretty awesome finds at major chain stores. My favorite is probably the Jurassic Park sweatshirt that I found at Target a coupe of months ago - because we all know how I feel about Jurassic Park.

Depending on what fandoms you're interested in, though, I've also seen everything from pajama pants to t-shirts to accessories at not just Target, but Old Navy and Kohl's as well. So hey, keep an eye out!

(On a side note, I've also found some funny screenprinting designs on websites like Skreened and Redbubble, though sadly the types of shirts on which these designs are offered aren't usually of the cute/fashionable variety. Still, it may be worth it to peruse them once in a while...)
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