Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My 101 in 1001: A [sad?] conclusion.

Well, my 101 in 1001 challenge ended last week. anyone who follows my blog on a regular basis may have noticed, I hadn't posted an update since early June :-/ Unfortunately, between working two jobs and doing a ton of traveling the past several months, my 101 in 1001 progress took a backseat.

While I did complete a few more tasks between June of last year and my January 15, 2014 end date, my challenge wrapped up with 30 of my 101 things left incomplete. To be fair, some of them turned out to be a bit lofty - visiting a content other than North America or Europe, for instance, which sadly never happened due to monetary concerns. But to be honest, many of the items that I didn't get around to weren't all that lofty...taking a hot yoga class being one of them (though admittedly I balked at the idea of spending $25 for a hot yoga class when a regular yoga class is only $10).

Of course, to make myself feel a little better, I'm going to claim a third category - tasks that never should have been on there in the first place. or should have been replaced at some point. I did replace a few things that became what I thought was next to impossible, but looking back I should have known that with four cats and two dogs (one of whom is questionable around other dogs) there was no way I was going to be able to take on a foster dog ;)

Would I do another 101 in 1001 challenge? I don't know, maybe. But at the same time, 101 is a pretty big number, and 1001 is a nearly ridiculous number of seems to me that while spreading it out over that long a period may make it easier to complete more lofty tasks, it also makes it easier to let the challenge as a whole fall by the wayside, either for long periods of time or simply for good. So most likely I'll call it a worthwhile but slightly foolish thing to attempt and move on to things that I truly enjoy focusing on.

Though I did look back and try to see if I at least LOOK different after 1001 days...not so much? I don't know! Haha. See for yourself

Taken just a few days after my 1001 challenge started...

Me on New Year's Day about two weeks before the challenge ended :)

And hey, at 71/101, I at least finished 70% of my goals...which in the end isn't too bad, I think :)

For reference, I've left my full list behind the cut -->

1) Foster a dog in need
2) Organize a charity event (charity pub crawl on 6/11/2011)
3) Donate at least $25 to charity (done along with my charity pub crawl...definitely donated at least $40, may have been $50)
4) Leave/write an inspirational note in a book and then donate it - completed 1/29/13 (actually I donated several books and at least two of them had inspirational notes in them ;) )
5) Pay for the person behind me at a drive through Edited - As it turns out I never eat fast food and therefore never go through a drive through. This goal was taken off a sample 101 in 1001 list that I found, anyway, so I'm changing it to "Perform a random charitable act for a stranger". Completed 2/24/2013 when I gave an extra free pass that I had to the Biltmore (value of like $70!) to a family of 5 that was about to buy tickets for the day.
6) Host a giveaway on my blog - Hosted the giveaway from Friday 1/20/12 through Friday 1/27/12 :) ***and forgot to post about it in my January update, hence why it's in my February update ;)***
7) Private :) (because I don't want to give it away) - this goal was to surprise Steve with at least a weekend away somewhere special, accomplished Memorial Day Weekend, May 2013 (for his birthday)
8) Do 10 hours of volunteer work

1) Visit a continent other than North America and Europe
2) Take Savannah on a mini-vacation/vacation (at least 1 night) Edited 11/2012 - Jenni moved away so this would be impossible to accomplish - Replacing with "Spend my birthday away from home/on vacation again (because hey, it's been at least three years since I went on vacation over/on my birthday!)" Accomplished for my 30th birthday - spent 12/12/12 - 12/16/12 in Las Vegas!
3) Visit 3 new states in the US (3/3 as of February 2013 - Ohio, Idaho, Montana)
4) Spend New Years Eve away from home again Went to Maggie Valley, NC for the weekend 12/30/11 - 1/1/12
5) Return to Lynchburg for a visit
6) Go back to Longwood for a visit
7) Drink Around the World at least 3 more times for 15 total  (3/3 as of 2/5/2012)
8) Travel to 3 countries I've never visited before (completed 8/2011 - actually visited 5 in a row! Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary)
9) Attend an Alpha Sigma Tau function or alum function Edited 12/2011 - Decided instead to make this one "Attend another Star Wars/general comic type convention" in honor of the new blog name :) - went to Dragon*Con over Labor Day weekend 2012
10) Take a spontaneous trip (spend at least one night away and plan it less than a week in advance) - July 1-3 to Atlantic Beach, NC area...planned the night before. Ish. haha!
11) Return to 3 places I've loved (3/3 as of July 2012: Orlando, Vegas, Charleston)
12) Visit one new island in the Caribbean - completed on our Carnival Liberty Cruise (5/12/12 - 5/19/12). I visited three! Half Moon Cay, St John, and Grand Turk.

1) Watch every Marilyn Monroe movie (4 so far)
2) Read at least 50 books that I've never read before (50/50) (through Something Blue in January 2013)
3) Have another Lord of the Rings marathon 12/24/11
4) Have another Star Wars marathon 1/28/12
5) Have another Pirates of the Caribbean marathon (after the 4th movie comes out on DVD)
6) Have a Harry Potter marathon once the final movie is out on DVD
7) Go to the first showing of a movie on its opening night in the theaters (again) (HP&tDHp2, 7/15/2011 @ midnight) (I also went to a screening of Cowboys & Aliens on 7/26/2011!)
8) Go to 5 concerts (6/5) (Kenny Chesney, BB King & Buddy Guy, Miranda Lambert, Zoso, Galactic, The Who - technically completed on 10/31/12 but I saw The Who about a week later so I'm including them as well)
9) Watch an entire TV series (started The Tudors in June 2011 and finished in July 2011)
10) Throw a new/different theme party had a Roaring 20s party on 12/10/11
11) Watch a documentary film - watched HBO's Love, Marilyn in June 2013
12) Watch 2 foreign language films (2/2) - I actually think I watched more than two, and I honestly was bad and didn't write the names of a couple of them down, but I'm going to call this one completed, considering.
13) Re-read The Great Gatsby (finished 10/13/2011)
14) Celebrate Cinco de Mayo (5/5/2011)
15) Go to an opening or preview of a new bar or restaurant (4/29/2011)
16) See 10 movies in theaters (10/10 - Thor, Pirates of the Caribbean 4, The Hangover 2, X Men First Class, HP&tDHp2, Cowboys & Aliens, Captain America, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, a movie that won't be named, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, completed 12/26/11)
17) See a legend in concert  (saw BB King on 6/4/2011) (also saw The Who on 11/8/12!)
18) Rate the rest of my music in iTunes
19) Re-read Pride & Prejudice, Emma, and Persuasion (finished 10/24/2011)
20) Play an entire game of Monopoly 
21) Let Steve pick 3 movies I haven't seen, and watch them with him (3/3 - Unforgiven, The Good The Bad & The Ugly, Gran Torino as of 7/30/12)

Random New Things
1) Get a new computer (got a Mac in November 2011! finally!)
2) Pose nude for an art class/photographer
3) Take a pole dancing class
4) Try 10 new beers ( as of 6/24/2011 I had 12/10 - Shock Top Raspberry Wheat, Bell's Oberon, Pacifico, Sam Adams Coastal Wheat, Sam Adams Cream Stout, Sam Adams Black Lager, Barley's Scottish Ale, Columbus Brewery Pale Ale, La Trappe Isid'or, Unibroue Trois Pistoles, Ommegang Witte, & Unibroue Noire de Chambly)
5) Try 10 new wines (completed in France on 8/17/2011! did a wine tasting in Hungary and tried 7 wines, then bought a bottle of another wine there....tried a 9th one that night and then had a carafe of a local Provence wine in Marseille on 8/17/2011)
6) Send a secret to Post Secret
7) Visit the farmer's market in downtown Greenville (7/9/2011)
8) Have a picnic in a public place
9) Learn to drive a motorcycle
10) Learn to tie a tie
11) Take a hot yoga class
12) Go on one of the Greenville SC tours -Greenville Culinary Tour on 3/24/2012
13) Try 5 new restaurants in the Greenville area (5/5 - Lazy Goat, Mojo's, The Green Room, The Trappe Door, Ford's Oyster House & Cajun Kitchen as of 7/9/2011)

Bettering Myself
1) Read through The Bible again
2) Forgive someone who doesn't deserve it (I think that accepting the apology of someone who really didn't deserve the time of day from me counts; consider that accomplished on 4/20/2011)
3) Touch up on French or German OR learn Spanish
4) Improve photography by reading Scott Kelby book and taking a class (took class on 7/23/2011; finished Scott Kelby book on 10/21/2011; also read a book on digital photography & lighting)
5) Attend a blogger/social media/writer's conference
6) [Re-] learn how to drive stick - well, I started re-learning on 11/23/12 and bought myself a stick-shift car on 12/7/12 and have been driving it ever since, so I think I can call this one accomplished even though I'm not yet the most AMAZING stick-shift driver ;)
7) Apologize to someone I've wronged - with a full explanation! - Ha, well, this was kind of forced on me (for good reason, I mean, hey, I'm not perfect). But I did it nonetheless.
8) Send 5 "just because" cards/letters to friends completed March 2013
9) Make a list of/write out 101 reasons why I love Steve - completed May 2013 as part of his birthday present
10) Go 2 weeks without eating meat (chicken, beef, pork - started on 8/25/2011, finished either 9/8 or 9/9...regardless, I went at least 2 full weeks!)
11) Go 1 month without eating fast food (went from Monday 7/4/2011 through Tuesday 8/16!)
12) Go 24 hours without swearing- I'm gonna go with "this was completed in January 2013", though of course I have no PROOF. Read my January 101 update for more info ;)

Sports & Outdoors
1) Run a 5k Ran in the Greenville News Run Downtown 5k on 1/21/12
2) Attend a major league baseball game again (San Francisco Giants vs. Florida Marlins, 5/26/2011)
3) Go to another NASCAR race
4) Go to a Greenville Road Warriors Game (completed 11/5/11)
5) Go skiing again Cataloochee Ski Area in NC, 12/31/11
6) Ride my bike downtown and back Edited 7/5 - bike was stolen, new goal is to replace it :-/
7) Hike a mountain in South Carolina
8) Attend 10 Greenville Drive games (10/10 as of 5/28/12)

1) Pay off my car - I'm going to call this one accomplished in December 2012 considering I sold my car for twice what I owed, thus paying it off. I did buy a new car and have to finance it, but the amount I financed it for is about equal to its depreciated value after driving it off the lot thanks to how much my old car was worth, so this was a win-win situation ;)
2) Open a 401k or IRA (some sort of retirement fund)
3) Put away $5 for each completed task (well over the $220 required as of 2/2013 ;) ) - I kept putting away money and definitely way over-accomplished this one, so there :)

House & Home
1) Make Christy's old living room AWESOME :)
2) Mow the lawn (completed in August 2012)
3) Fix up the solarium (do something with it, for God's sake) - Well, we tore it down and refloored that area so I call this one completed :)
4) Make 25 new recipes (28/25 as of 10/13/2011)
5) Brush up on my sewing - working on this, slowly but surely.
6) Put together another recipe book/binder (completed November 2012)
7) Bake something from scratch again (pretty sure the macaroons I baked on 5/7/2011 count for this one)
8) Finish decorating the main guest room
9) Get rid of 10 things I've been hanging on to for no good reason (went through closet on 7/29/2011 and got rid of WAY more than 10 items!)

1) Perform live (karaoke doesn't count) - Completed! First date was 5/4/12, but I finished this x3, really, if you count the entire month of May.
2) Record 5 more guitar videos for a total of 7 Edited 1/2012 - Record 10 more general videos and post to Youtube (10/10 as of the beginning of September 2012 - I only counted videos if I am in them or if I recorded and/or produced them)

3) Finish one of the books/stories I'm writing (completed March 2013)
4) Stay up all night (at least until sunrise)/Stay up for 24 hours straight (accomplished on 5/29/2011)
5) Finish the Greenvillescape site  Edited 4/2012 as I had to cut said website from my expenses :-/ New goal is to Participate in NaNoWriMo (completed November 2012 - and I "won" NaNo, too!)
6) Play a hand of Blackjack at a casino (again) (played several hands at Binion's in Las Vegas on 5/28/2011)
7) Go at least 24 hours without sending a text (went from 8:16 PM on 4/28/2011 to 9:02 PM on 4/29!)
8) Try sushi one more time (@ Tsunami's in Greenville on 11/19/11)
9) Print and frame 3 of my own photographs
10) Get another tattoo to balance out my back - tattoo was finished on 3/25/2012
11) Don't do anything more than trim my hair for 1 year (bangs don't count; started 4/20/2011, though I hadn't cut my hair since October 2010) Well, I've made it through the end of April 2012 so far ;)
12) Inspire someone else to do 101 in 1001 (as of 5/13/2011 I've had two people tell me that I inspired them to make a 101 in 1001 list! I think that counts for crossing this one off)
13) Switch back to a hoop nose ring for at least 1 month - started 6/26/12, still going strong with the hoop at the end of July 2012!
14) List 100 things that make me happy
15) Learn a poem by heart Pin It


  1. We'd be more than happy to have you join us at Blogging Concentrated. We do blogging conferences around the country. :)

  2. I just wrote a long comment and it ate it when I couldn't figure out my lj pw. In short.. I'm going to though mine and knock things off and whatnot, but I mostly rearranged some of them to start my next one. I really dig the format, though I think my success rate is closer to 60%. I'm excited to start it again.... I remember it took about a month to come up with 101 goals last time. Thank you for turning me on to this idea!

  3. I'm irritated that it just erased two of my comments because of trying to figure out log in stuff. I completed my 101 in 1001 last month also, and I think my success rate was about 60%, but I used it to restart it. I have 49 things on my new list already that are things I want to do again or things I haven't gotten to yet. Last time it took like a month to come up with 101 goals, so I'm excited to do it again. Thank you for turning me onto the idea!