Thursday, January 23, 2014

Throwback Thursday, Volume 1

Sadly my blogging has been in a bit of a slump lately, and in hopes of picking things back up a bit I thought I'd start a Throw Back Thursday series. I'm hoping to focus on geeky things, though that may change depending on my mood ;) For this first TbT, though, I want to talk about one of my favorite television shows ever...

I was introduced to X Files by *E*, my high school boyfriend, and after just one episode I was hooked. In fact, I was sick on Thanksgiving my senior year and yet somehow had an awesome day watching an X Files marathon on what was then the SciFi channel. (Ugh, 'Sy Fy'. Ugh.)

And come on, when Mulder and Scully finally kissed in the New Year's episode? Be still, my heart! I didn't even know what 'shipping' was back then, but yeah, I definitely shipped these couldn't I?!

Admittedly, the later seasons of X Files weren't all that great. This was yet another show (alongside other series I loved at first and ended up being disappointed in, like Lost and Weeds) that was dragged out far longer than it should have been. I mean let's not lie - without Mulder and Scully, X Files lost so much of its heart.

But I still have some great memories of this show - my Thanksgiving '99 binge, having 'X Files Nights' with two of my girl friends every Sunday throughout my freshman year of college, and even hunkering down in a hotel room at Daytona Beach (yes, while on vacation) to watch the series finale in May 2002.

And now that I've written this, I want to dig out my set of DVDs (yes, I have the full series!) and do a re-watch. So excuse me while I hibernate for the next couple of months...I mean, it's winter and miserable anyway!

(Kidding. I don't have the luxury of hibernating. But a slow and steady re-watch is definitely on my radar.) Pin It

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