Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Writer's Block Wednesday: Episode Reviews Galore!

So as it turns out, I've suddenly started watching a lot of television.

Okay, maybe not a lot. But more than I usually do. Maybe it's the cold weather?

Regardless, I'm even watching shows that I'm not certain I'm all that into. Normally I don't have time for that. But to be fair, I'm enjoying writing reviews of them - and to be honest, it *is* easier for me to write reviews of things I don't really care for over things that I truly love ;)

This being "Writer's Block Wednesday" (and yes, I really do have writer's block, at least when it comes to blogging ::sigh::) I figured that it was past time for me to share some of my other writing, and as most of what I've been doing is the aforementioned episode reviews, that's what I'll be linking to!


Black Sails

Walking Dead

On that note, hopefully my 'blogger writer's block' will clear up soon...but hey, at least I've gotten plenty of other writing done recently, right? :) Pin It

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