Sunday, March 30, 2014

MegaCon 2014 Recap: Day 2, Part 1

Though I hopped right out of bed on Saturday of MegaCon - and was well-rested to boot - it took me forever to get ready. I ended up missing one of the earlier panels that I wanted to go to, though most of that was due to the amount of time it took me to walk to the convention center...I mean hey, if I'd been right next door, I would have made it ;) I was able to meet up with my buddy John, though, so good timing there.

Because the panels at MegaCon are sadly a bit sparse, this room time! But hey, at least I got to see some more awesome cosplay (and continue to narrow down what I was going to buy)...

Around 12:30 I headed upstairs to that same tiny panel room from yesterday for "World Building for your Novel". I'd learned my lesson about showing up just a few minutes prior, and this time we were actually able to snag seats. Seriously though - at least fifteen or twenty minutes before this panel began the room was full, and once again there were people lining the walls and standing in the door. Apparently when MegaCon moved from West to North Concourse of the Orange County Convention Center, they gave up panel room(s) for dealer room space...and I don't think this turned out as well as they'd hoped, but again, more on that later.

I do have to give a shout out to John, who totally saved seats for me for a minute while I ran out to catch some pictures with this amazing Thranduil...

He was very nice and had the most amazing costume. I'm sure it helped that he was really really tall - something like 6'5"! Just perfection.

The panel itself was good - not the best 'world building' panel I've ever been to, but certainly better than some. It was really more of a Q&A with a lot of audience involvement, and though there were a couple of questions that I just couldn't wrap my head around, most of them were pretty quality.

After this it was time to grab some spots in line for the 3:20 Walking Dead panel - which we did. A good hour and forty-five minutes before the panel was supposed to start. And here is where I will leave you, because what happened next...well. Let's just say that I don't want to end this part of the recap on a bad note ;) Pin It

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