Wednesday, March 5, 2014

MegaCon Recap: Day 2, Part 2

So yes, I totally failed at finishing several convention recaps last year, and this is me trying to make up for it. I understand that we're fast approaching MegaCon 2014, but as I only have one last part to write for last year's MegaCon, I figured I'd get this out of the way before moving on to the others that went unfinished...those being MonsterCon and Walker Stalker Con.

Anyway, let's move on, shall we?

I made it back to the convention center just in time for a little photoshoot I'd set up with a fellow tumblr user. It didn't take that long, and at the time my Starbuck costume wasn't anywhere near as complete as it is now, but I was happy to get some great pictures! (Which I've actually already shared in my Starbuck Off-Duty BDU Tuturial...)



As it turned out, I'd actually missed a few things the first half dozen times I perused the dealer room - one of them being an awesome lego display featuring some of my favorite TV shows!


Walking Dead

I also ended up finding the first Walking Dead comic compendium...I was even smart enough to look it up on Amazon, but it was being sold for a few dollars more there and so I made another dealer room purchase. (I really don't usually do that, I don't know what came over me on this particular weekend...) I even took my compendium outside and sat on the grassy knoll and read for a little while in the beautiful Florida sun. It was a perfect end to my day at the convention...but the day as a whole wasn't over yet!

Next up was another dinner with friends at The Pub (hey, good food, good drinks, walking my buddy Tarl apparently doesn't go anywhere else ;) ). I even ran into some awesome Hobbits while I was there!

We wrapped up the evening by heading back to the hotel and jumping in the hot tub, where we met several other con-goers and had some great conversation (there was even a girl who remembered me from the Game of Thrones panel at Dragon Con 2012 - all because of my voice!). Unfortunately there were also some really weird kids hanging out in the pool area as well - I'm guessing they were high school age but I may be a bad judge of how old people are when they're more than 5 years younger than me - so eventually I decided it was past time to call it a night. Or at least, to go back up to my room and fall asleep watching BSG episodes on my computer ;)

And that was the end of my first MegaCon experience! Did I have a good time? Yeah, sure. But 'good' is about as far as I would go. The problem with this particular convention is that last year it was very Star Trek-centered, and I'm just not a big Star Trek fan. Additionally, it's very weak in terms of panels/workshops - and these also tend to happen at very odd times (as in they are very often not on the hour or half hour). I will say that the dealer room was one of the better ones I've experienced, in terms of offerings as well as layout - even when it got really crowded, it was never as horrid as Dragon Con's dealer rooms have been.

But hey, I'm going back this year to give MegaCon a second chance, so we'll see what happens! Pin It

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