Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sovi: An app born right here in Greenville!

I've already gone into [possibly a bit too much] detail about why I love Greenville, SC. I've lived in this area two separate times and every year that I spend here, I love and respect this place just a little bit more.

Sadly, though, there are some things in which Greenville is behind the times. I won't get into the fact that they enticed businesses downtown a decade ago, only to tax and fee them out of that area in more recent years. Or the fact that the taxi/cab service here is a complete monopoly (do I even need to talk about why that is a problem?).

But I digress. Because there are some things that happen in this city that are different and exciting ::cough:: MonsterCon ::cough:: - and generally, the community supports them.

Recently, a social media app that has technically been around since May of last year was announced to the public. Though the app itself is buggy and the website is impossible, I absolutely love the idea and I really hope it catches on.

What I'm talking about is Sovi, which is being used in cities like Charleston SC, Atlanta GA, and Nashville well as Greenville, of course :) Because it was founded by three locals, and they're aiming to link local businesses and promoters with all of us who are looking for something to do...well, any night of the week.

Basically, I'm super excited that Greenville is one of the cities in which Sovi is already being utilized, and that the funding and education the founders are receiving from Tummi in San Francisco will quickly work out any bugs in the app and streamline the website so that this can become THE way to find out what's going on in our lovely little city :)

To be honest, in larger cities an app like this could easily get lost in the mix, or simply have no way to keep up with everything that's going on...but despite there being plenty of fun activities in Greenville, it's nearly impossible to find out when or where any of them are (other than by chance) - and Sovi could be the perfect fit for that. So fingers crossed that this app/website will continue to develop and soon be even more comprehensive than it already is! Pin It

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